Oct 15, 2007

Babies, Barbies & Bolivar

Our friends Becca & Joel had their sweet baby girl, Sela Ann, on Thursday night, and we visited the birthing center on Friday to cuddle her! She is such a beautiful baby—her features so small and pixie-like. They are going to be wonderful parents-I envision lots of laughs, learning, & song in their household.

My eldest sister Megan and her hubbie, Stephen, attended a wedding on Saturday, and thus needed someone to watch baby Max. So, newlyweds Erin and Ryan offered, since they were the closest, & Shawn and I, plus my parents, all of us searching for an excuse to dote on the nephew/grandbaby, joined them in Bolivar. Max makes parenting seem doable (and fun!) as he is so laid-back & cheerful. He also has 4-teeth incoming & enjoyed chewing Uncle Shawn's car keys. We took him to the park to feed the duckies, went for frozen custard, snapped hundreds of photos. He was such a good sport!

Erin piled a bunch of old suitcases next to her bed and plopped a lamp on top. Makes for an unusual (& totally awesome) nightstand. Upon discovering one of the suitcases contained Barbies, I had to bring them out for old-times' sake!

The trip home offered torrential rains, which may have spurred an idea for our Halloween costumes…Shawn a meteorologist and me a thunderstorm?

Here are some fun photos from the weekend:

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