Sep 7, 2010

Marigold Road: the official launch!

I've moved!

Please visit my new blog.

The Harris Herald will no longer be updated so please add marigoldroad to your blogroll; it's been wonderful having your readership for the past three years and I anticipate exciting things to come at my new "pad."

Sep 3, 2010

Weekly wrap-up, in numbers

Life over the last 7 days:

Number of days I ran: 2
Miles logged: 3.5

Number of people in our house with a runny nose: 3

Number of people I talked on the phone with even though I hate it: 7? (scheduled appts)

Number of neighbors who came to chat: 1

Number of times we used sidewalk chalk: 2

Number of toes painted: 10

Number of cookies eaten: 12? eek.

Number of pictures taken: 100ish

Number of prayers prayed: 21 or so

Number of diapers changed: 91 (avg 5 for Wilder per day, and 8 for Story)

Number of
Big Brother episodes watched: 2

Can you guess who this is?
It is me...what a sight. What a BOOGER.

Have a happy loooonnnnnggg weekend!

Sep 2, 2010

Estate sale goodies

Vintage art supplies!
Bowl, necklaces, ice bucket

Sweet hummingbird pillow
Kitty magnet
Velvet framed picture
And my favorite!! Vintage umbrella...I love the shape/colors.
I bought the cream-colored rug, too.

Can you guess how much all of these things cost?



Aug 31, 2010

We all have those days, right?

The party's over.

Back to another week. I wasn't ready. I thought today was Wednesday, but, nope, it's Tuesday!

I had a dentist appointment, and since Shawn's sick, I had to take Story with me. Wilder stayed home with Daddy because he is getting sick too and I figured they could just be sick together. Story screamed at the dentist. A nice hygienist scooped her up for a few minutes so I could get my teeth cleaned. What a nice lady.

Usually it doesn't hurt. I've never had a cavity. But my gums are really sensitive given the lingering childbirth and now nursing hormones. So I have a headache. And apparently I could do braces if I had the money. The doctor very nonchalantly talked about my slight overture (overbite). She probably didn't know that it's a very touchy subject with me.

Wilder woke up naked...sheets soaked.

We have a million doctors appointments through the month of September. How are we going to do this? Wilder's leg follow-up (remember his cast?), me dermo, Story more shots, Wilder more shots (just for flu season), me family doctor, me "girly" doctor...I am already feeling overwhelmed.

The house smells of pungent plastic because a measuring cup melted in the dishwasher.

We need toilet paper and diapers. Even more frustrating because I was just at the store yesterday.

I need cookie dough. In a really bad way.

M&Ms will do until I can get to the store.
Breathe. This is definitely a day where I say, "God, I need you!"

Aug 28, 2010

Thankful for our patio--a great place to party!

We celebrated Wilder's second birthday in Elmo style today. That's why you've not seen us much this week.
I prepared during naps and late into the evenings to pull it off (Shawn helped ALOT too). What a wonderful, wonderful day spent with VERY special people. I'll post more pictures later.
(sweet little Elmo cake took me upwards of five hours to prepare...#overboard!)

Aug 25, 2010

Caution: not for the hungry!

It could have gotten ugly.
Very bad. Very ugly.
But it didn't. Phew. Close call.
I escaped the candy tour with only a small box of fudge, my daddy's favorite. And there's still some left!

Some members of MeetUp rendezvoused at this place, Cero's, which I learned is a nonprofit that provides job training for special needs adults.
Wilder wasn't all that into it but pudgy Mommy and pudgy Story were tickled pink.
Here's to sweetness all around!

Aug 24, 2010

My house is a castle.

home renovations, circa 2007
I am contented.

How many of us can say that?

I am, oh, let's say, 39 feet from being there.
I have felt very convicted that much of what I invest my time and resources into has a direct benefit on self. I am selfishly walking along a path where there is so much need around. That needs to change.

I have everything I need. Really! I may not like my car but it gets us to where we need to go. We are clothed. Well fed (maybe too much). There's a treadmill downstairs; I don't need a gym membership. The children have comfortable beds, a roof over their heads.

Lately I've complained about the size of my house.
But, Lord, it's too small for hosting things. People will get cramped. It's just not nice enough. The bathroom linoleum is ugly. Yet I feel very called to have my house open to others...24/7 if the opportunity ever arose. I am quite compelled in the area of hospitality; I love serving in that way.

I was at a women's conference this weekend; wish you could have been there. It was just what I needed. A slap in the tush to stop whining. A woman shared about her WorldVision trip to Uganda...and the video footage crumbled my heart.
Showed me spiritual perspective of our belongings...our home, and that I've gotta obey with what God's given me.

So it is this: our house is a mansion. Our shower a spa retreat.

I came home with an African boy's picture. His card. His name.


It's a start.

Aug 20, 2010

Story's three month update

First of all, Happy Friday! Wheeeee!!!
This week it's all about my babies! Heck, every week is, gladly. We've missed out on Daddy's help from Tuesday through now as he had an out of town trip. BOTH kids had their well-child check-ups, which included shots. Yuck. It was most sad not having Daddy here for Wilder's birthday.

In other news, Story Elena, StoryGirl, Princess, Angel of love, Beauty (you get the drift), turns three months today. Here's a picture of me (not sure how old) so you can do a comparison:
Here's Wilder at around the same age:
Story, at three months, you:
~are a hoot; you truly are so funny--your mannerisms and personality are goofy
~nurse every three hours during the day
~go to bed at 9:30pm then up anytime between 5 and 7am to nurse (thank you, Girl)
~like to sit in the swing and watch us eat as a family
~jabber and coo
~love watching your big brother
~prefer to stand and look mommy in the face rather than be cuddled
~talk the best to Daddy...or your BFF Calla
~travel fairly well; we go, go, go alot so you're getting used to the carseat
~weigh 13 lbs, the 80th percentile, and are 22.5 inches long, the 28th percentile

I love you, Baby Girl! You are sooooo awesome!

Aug 19, 2010

Wilder is two. Aaaaannnnddd...exhale.

Happy Birthday to my now two-year old!
Wilder, You are the song I sing--loudly. I sing you in the shower and I sing you at night. I sing you high, sing you low. Sing to friends. Sing in the snow.

You are the tippiest tip of my mountain. I would do anything for you. You make my heart flutter.
At two, you are the spitting image of your father, but with my blue eyes. Your hair is long and curly and I love running my fingers through it after your bath. You still suck your thumb, which was cute when you were a baby. But now it's getting a little old. Ha.

You are still a cuddler, but only on your terms. You are ticklish. You are fast and furious. You are smart and talk ninety miles an hour, repeating
everything I say. My favorite thing you say is, "I love you, too." You say "sorry" after being disciplined, without my asking. You could live on hot dogs and french fries (sometimes you do). You like to have me go with you on the slipper slide.
You remember the words to songs better than I do. You kicked vacation Bible school's butt! You call teeth "eggs." You have very abstract thinking (you see shapes in every day things).

My heart swells with pride at all that you've accomplished. You break my heart in good ways then end up putting it back together. And sometimes you break it in bad ways because you can be naughty. It is just the nature of mankind, unfortunately.

There are people reading this letter to you so I better keep it short. Because, quite frankly, I could write about you all day. When it comes to you, there is no end to the chapters I write.
I love you mightily, now and forever.

p.s.--have I mentioned I am proud of you? That my arms will always be open?

Aug 18, 2010

Brown paper packages tied up with string

...these are a few of my favorite things! Because when I find something good, I just gotta share it!
Sublime Bronze One Day self-tanner:

I like it because it just lasts a day; perfect because I don't have time for the daily, gradual tanners. It seems like every time I shave, the gradual tanners wear off. With this, I can be tan for a date, a knee-length dress, girls night out, whatever. The gel is tinted so one can see exactly where it's going. I have no streaks, either! Side note: I have been fake-bake free since 2006! This is a big deal for me as I'd been known to go 4-5 times per week. Baaaad.

I got my first Scentsy plug-in. I always thought the Glade plug-ins were nice but not very kindof strong smelling. My favorite Scentsy fragrance is Cucumber Lime. It is heaven! Click here to check it out. Wish the website was scratch-n-sniff.
Want me to let my local readers know when I'm hosting a Scentsy party in September? It'd be a good way to meet you! And my rule is to host only one self-business party per year. All those home-based businesses are awesome and I love supporting my friends. But I limit it to one party per year so others don't feel overly solicited.

Next, I'll brag about this dual-purpose product by Aquage: their hydrating mist. I call it dual-purpose because both Wilder and I use it as a detangler. It smells good and makes the comb easy to run through mine, and my fingers to run through Wilder's (his hair is getting long). If you use it your hair will look like this, supposedly:
Image via

Land's End. Gone are my bikini days. And that's okay because Land's End offers cute "mommy" swimsuits. I got a skirt/flowered tankini this time. I never thought I'd sport a dorky skirt...but you really don't want to see my thighs. Just trust me.

Aside from the suit being a favorite/perfect fit (which seemed impossible given that I ordered it online), Land's End's customer service was top-notch. I had a chat session with a representative who helped find the suit best for my body shape, etc. And about a week after my order arrived (it only took two days), I received a phone call from them asking if I was happy with the product..and to thank me for ordering. Those extra touches mean I'll be back again!

Image via

What's rocked your world lately? Besides your husband/boyfriend...? Hehe.

Aug 17, 2010

Forget the cracker, Polly wants a cocktail.

Ya'all kinda made my day with liking my most recent poem. It's encouraging. They are intimate pieces of my heart and the positive reception makes it float!

Shawn was on the computer for my most recent installment. I said, "move over, I gotta get something out!"...a pen and paper would've sufficed but I can type faster.

That's the way melodious words are for me. They come in, sometimes when I'm on the potty or before bed when I'm trying to fall asleep. And if I don't get it'll be gone.

We made it to market again; the one on the other side of town. I think owning a farmer's market booth would be fun. Our markets run from April-October so that would be a lot of work! I am such a people person that I really think it would bring satisfaction, though. Someday.
Also, for an update on my sister's baby, click here. It is refreshing news. It was so good to see her at home last week. I dropped her off at an appointment and we also clothes-shopped...we kidded that it was like doing "real life" together. We fantasize about living in the same town. What it'd be like to swap babysitting or do girl's night at the movies, or do themed playdates...

And here's StoryGirl, doing what she does best. She's 12 weeks on Friday.
Wilder's two on Thursday. I don't think I'll be too emotional.

Right. right.