Aug 31, 2010

We all have those days, right?

The party's over.

Back to another week. I wasn't ready. I thought today was Wednesday, but, nope, it's Tuesday!

I had a dentist appointment, and since Shawn's sick, I had to take Story with me. Wilder stayed home with Daddy because he is getting sick too and I figured they could just be sick together. Story screamed at the dentist. A nice hygienist scooped her up for a few minutes so I could get my teeth cleaned. What a nice lady.

Usually it doesn't hurt. I've never had a cavity. But my gums are really sensitive given the lingering childbirth and now nursing hormones. So I have a headache. And apparently I could do braces if I had the money. The doctor very nonchalantly talked about my slight overture (overbite). She probably didn't know that it's a very touchy subject with me.

Wilder woke up naked...sheets soaked.

We have a million doctors appointments through the month of September. How are we going to do this? Wilder's leg follow-up (remember his cast?), me dermo, Story more shots, Wilder more shots (just for flu season), me family doctor, me "girly" doctor...I am already feeling overwhelmed.

The house smells of pungent plastic because a measuring cup melted in the dishwasher.

We need toilet paper and diapers. Even more frustrating because I was just at the store yesterday.

I need cookie dough. In a really bad way.

M&Ms will do until I can get to the store.
Breathe. This is definitely a day where I say, "God, I need you!"


The Boccias said...

I'd love to help with appts if you need me to watch kiddos! And if you want to come over, we have toilet paper, diapers, and even some cookie dough in the freezer. We need toilet scrubbers, wipes, and something for dinner. Sounds like we should pool our resources. :)

Mindy M. Harris said...

The appts are:
Sept 13th
Sept 15th
Sept 21st
Sept 29th
Oct 5th
Unless I go crazy first!

gb said...

Let me know what I can do, that's what neighbors are for. I have tp but not diapers. I so enjoyed our quick little visit the other night.

Weza said...

Its Wednesday here if that helps. :)

Julie said...

Mindy, sorry to read about your day. I hope your family gets better soon. If only I lived closer and could deliver some cookie dough to you!!! Love you.

Cherish Stockdale said...

We do all have those days!! I am having a God HELP me day, myself ;)

breitenbach8 said...

Hope Story likes her CD :) Not that she needs help sleeping or anything! How nice to have a good sleeping baby. Even though you had a bad day - be glad you have a baby who sleeps well!