Aug 7, 2010

Viernes (or, Friday)

Pretend it's Friday. Our scanner wasn't working. So I'm a day late.

Been gettin' my sketch on. Sharpie is my best friend.

Also for the cocktail drinkers out there I realize a martini wouldn't have champaign bubbles. Right? Oh well.


Eric's Mommy said...

Um, I totally thought it WAS Friday when I read that. Very cute :)

Ashli said...

Love it! And to answer your question, it is possible to have a martini with a mixture that includes champagne. However, traditionally it is either gin or vdka, vermouth and olives. I like mine 'dirty' with olive brine added for a bit more salt.

Jenna said...

Oh Mindy, I do love your creativity. You always make me smile.