May 31, 2010

It's a little busy around here

...but didn't want to leave you hangin' too long!

This was the best moment our first day home (reading to both babies before bedtime):
Story's an easy baby so far...she is so beautiful and wonderful and amazing...and...oh my I'm on top of the world. My cup runneth over.

May 30, 2010

The Baby's Here! A Little GIRL

We have a baby girl! So thrilled! Story Elena Harris was born May 28, 2010 (my mom's b-day) at 5:40pm, weighing 7 lbs 9.6 ounces, measuring 19.5 inches long.

We're doing well. Wilder loves his sister. Leaving hospital tomorrow.

May 27, 2010

Let the sunshine bring out your best

This boy brightens my day. Every day.
And soon another little person will, too!

Did I mention we received a meal this week (thanks, J!), AND my neighbor came and swept our floors/did my grocery shopping?

I should be pregnant more often. JUST. KIDDING.

May 26, 2010

I'm in a robe!

...on the internet! And it's not a hospital picture...sorry.
At least I'm nice and covered.

I've been perusing the archives, mostly to look at Wilder's baby pictures...I do this SO OFTEN. But especially often since we are close to having another baby to cuddle.

I found this one from my Seattle business trip 4 years (?) ago. That hotel room coulda had a hide-a-bed (it didn't!) and I wouldn't have complained, because of the bathroom. My skin is pink in the picture because I'd just had a wonderfully scalding session in the glass/marble shower. Nice to wash off the airport filth.

I'm pretty sure later that night I took a bath and ordered $65 in room service...chicken alfredo, salad, and I seem to remember a chocolate cake...that was my one food splurge.

All to say that bathroom continues to feed my desire to have a nice one {bathroom} someday. Both Shawn and I can't fit in ours widthwise right now, because of my belly. So if he's fawning over his hair while I'm making a beeline to the loo, someone's gotta move. And that means Shawn of course.

On another note: special thanks to E for feeding W and I lunch today...

May 25, 2010

Sweet child of mine!

Dear perfect Baby,

I haven't met you yet. In fact, I don't even know if you are a boy or a girl. But I know that you are mine and that I love you. That love is, and will surmount to, something magnificent that neither of us have ever breathed. And we won't want to live without it.

As these contractions have been testing our gumption the past three weeks, I want to thank you for hanging in there, for being strong, for kicking at just the time when I'm worrying about you. We got this, Hon.

Soon, we'll get to cuddle and kiss, smell each others' breaths, and, once again, the jumble of things that don't make sense in my life will magnetize into perfection. Even though I'm not supposed to have you to need you, I already need you a little bit. And ache for you.

It is good to be needed.

But I will stand my ground knowing one day you won't need me anymore. That doesn't mean I won't relish the moments of your needing me...those moments that seem unending when you are so small...down to the moments that dissipate as you grow up.

In a great and marvelous (and slightly uncomfortable!) way, it is sheer joy to help sustain your life. And even though I want to meet you this very second, I understand if you need time.

Kisses from the outside,


May 24, 2010

Happy today...because...(no, no baby yet)...

Howdy! I'm still here. Still pregnant. But wanted you to know I had a simply pleasant Monday. My lovely friend Laura came over and brought her daughter, A, along with a million beautiful plants/flowers to pot for my front porch.

Folks have been asking how they can help. I'm getting brave enough to say, "okay, this needs done." Wilder and A had a blast playing and at one point Wilder was naked, his scrawny, porcelain-colored (and
perfect) body running through the water hose...what joy that brought to my heart.

Girls, thank you for today!
I also got to get my hair done, last minute, and jaunted to Victoria's Secret afterward, for some stretchy tanks and pants, and some Love Spell! I haven't worn that scent/lotion since college and was missing it.
definitely should've taken the time for eyeliner; oh well, you see the real me!

And the cherry on top? Chocolate ice cream! With no cherry on top (don't like 'em).
Many thanks for your prayers and support as I waddle my way through these last few days (4 til my due date!) of pregnancy...hoping doctor wouldn't make us wait until 41 weeks to induce (but it's the same doctor I had with Wilder & that was her policy then...). And, yes, I'm ok with induction. Good ole uterus and I are getting tired from all the false labor contractions...

May 21, 2010

Nursery is finished!

Setting up Eenie Meenie's nursery, was, surprisingly, far less stressful than was Wilder's. That doesn't seem quite right given we don't know E.M.'s gender, but, it's true.

Perhaps what made the transformation most calming was not painting. That was hard for me, as a splash of paint color can speak volumes, but, in the end I'm glad we opted for color through accessories.

Turquoise, orange, and brown add punches of energy. Changing table colors are more muted but that's because I bought them first, before I knew what direction we were going. And the vintage touches make everything more whimsical.
View from kitchen; mobile animals were in the bathroom per Wilder
Shelving, faux plant, frame: Target
Dr. Seuss book, vase, and lamp: vintage
Blankie: Zutano; check them out if you haven't already
Crib: CSN stores
Brown bedding: Babies R Us
Changing table: $10 off Craig'sList
Storage bins and pad cover: Babies R Us
Bird print, shelving, blue frame: Target
Owl, books, other print: vintage
Rug, curtains: Target
Black out shades: Home Depot
Futon cover (just a sheet), pillows: Target
Vintage Noah's ark fabric across canvas frame: Shawn!
Typewriter and gumball machine prints: Meg Duerksen's Whatever Etsy shop
The only thing missing is the baby! He/she is quite spoiled already.

May 19, 2010

False alarms

Ever had a day when every vessel, every compartment, every secret of your body, mind, spirit, has been completely drained and you have nothing left to give--or really receive, either?

As I prepare to salute an end to this day, and to thank a Father (and husband) who kept me afloat, I wonder how I'll possibly find my way back to renewal. But I know it will come.

I am exceedingly grateful for a seamless pregnancy. But I am on my second false labor hospital visit and it's getting discouraging. You've stayed with me during my pregnancy updates, and it doesn't seem fair to leave out the "bad stuff," so here's some of it.

I don't feel like I should be allowed to complain about things, however the hurt in my heart is real; I cry a lot (hello, hormones). And to be frank, my ego is a bit bruised that I can't figure out what my body is doing: I have lots of painful contractions but until the baby's head engages, they are futile.

While this is about me, a smidgen, and I have the honor of giving Shawn and Wilder this gift, it's not
all about me. God has a plan for our Eenie Meenie, and that includes the beautiful story of his/her arrival into this world. I am trying, trying, reaching, leaning into that hope. And into the fact that we're almost done!

The normal Mindy would've oohed and ahhed over the momma and her newborn, sitting in the wheelchair today, waiting to leave the hospital for a new world together. Instead I stood over by the elevator, sobbing...people all around; I didn't care. And I cried, hopefully not too loudly, "she gets to go home with her baby and mine's still inside!!"

Even though that hurt, even though I wish it was my turn, what a very lucky thing to be able to say that baby and I are healthy. There is a bigger picture than my disappointment, a lovely painting unfolding.

p.s.--you get a scroungy prego picture (38 wks, 5 dys)--had been up since 4am when Shawn took this at 10:30am.
p.p.s.--thank you, E, for looking after W today.

May 17, 2010

10 reasons why I'm glad I'm not pregnant in the olden days

Despite my infatuation with pioneer times/Laura Ingalls, I'm glad I'm not pregnant in the olden days:

1. I'd probably only get one lumpy, pokey down pillow to lie on instead of the 6 squishy ones I use to get comfortable. One of them is body-size and I call him my "boyfriend," to Shawn's chagrin.

2. I'd have to do really hard chores like till the garden and make butter and milk goats.

3. I'd probably be the last to bathe. By then the water would be cold and full of everyone else's crumbs and dirt...blech.

4. Outhouse.

5. I couldn't text my friends on the way to the hospital. Er, I mean, on the way to my bedroom.

6. Maternity clothes?

7. I would have to cook alot...things like rabbit stew and deer casserole (?)--a lot of meat-handling/gross. No frozen pizza.

8. Can't think of something for number 8.

9. No drugs during labor.

10. Fewer (as in, nil) birth control options post-baby.

I feel terrible, but, hey, it could be a lot worse!

May 16, 2010

Oscar the Grouch

Wilder loves watching Sesame Street on YouTube. At the present time, I most relate to Oscar the Grouch. Which is why you haven't seen me writing in awhile. I don't want to come across grouchy! My hormones are in full swing. Poor Shawn. One minute I am walking on Cloud Nine, the other minute I am in the pit of despair, thinking I'll be pregnant forever. I'm particularly frustrated at not being able to do all the things I want to do (sciatic nerve pain makes it difficult to walk), and having to turn over control to Shawn. And that takes from his time to complete projects that I can't do, like hanging some towel hooks in the bathroom so all our post-baby company has a place to hang towels...

I haven't been behind the camera much, either, but cabbaged onto some iPhone pics.
Hail resembled Sonic ice
The water always pools on our side of the street

Trial run to the hospital (think it took 45 mins because we needed gas, there was road construction, some kind of police block but I can't remember, a wrong turn...oh my)
W and I were well taken care of this week: three lunch playdates whereby I got to sit on my tush and just. watch/jabber.

This week, we rest. We do what we can do and we love each other a lot. I am not equipped for much else these days, but, hug and love on Wilder? That's easy!

May 12, 2010

Storm season (and time for an iPhoto post)

Kansas storm season has arrived!

We went to dinner tonight and came home to see hail, just like Sonic ice, scattered across the yard. About scooped some up to put with a juice (I usually order apple juice at Sonic since I don't drink pop).

The rain is wonderful and all, but Wilder says, "Rain, rain, go away..."
hiding out in the basement during a tornado watch
puddle jumpin' in his ugly water shoes


Today marks the start of the last year of my twenties. I remember when I turned twenty-five I told everyone, "I'm halfway to 30!" What a ditz. I was thinking of the 10 year span between twenty and thirty, you see...

I took a self-portrait (eye looks weird) showcasing my new McDonald's Happy Meal princess crown, since I am princess for the day. I am SO not doing the dishes.

I've spent my birthday morning feeling about 86 years old: got some kind of crummy pain in my left sciatic nerve, so it hurts to walk. Well it hurts to do much of anything, really.

Had my OB appointment and she told me I was 1.5 cm, but I think she was saying that just to be nice, since I came hobbling in and wasn't as smiley as usual. Then I went to my second appointment to get cracked/crunched by a chiro. It helped the pain a little.

I think a cookie will work better.

p.s.--thank you to everyone who's bombarded my email, phone, Facebook and snail mail. I am privileged to have the sturdiest support system around. Truly grateful. What beautiful hearts you have.

May 11, 2010

My flower shop

So I don't really have a flower shop, but my home feels like one!

Here's some pretty pictures. I always shoot vertically...need to work on getting artistic horizontal shots. My wrist automatically goes vertical, though.

Flowers from Shawn and Wilder for Mother's Day. They are by
Beards Floral Design--unique, modern arrangements. LOVE! Thank you, my boys.
Peonies from my friend B's yard; they are one of my favorites and remind me of being a little girl. My parents had them in the yard of one of my favorite houses we lived in. Oh, the fragrance.
Thank you for blessing me with these, B. I am so sorry you are allergic to them but am glad that we are getting enjoyment from them.
And a single bud from B's yard, too!
B also spoiled Wilder and I with lunch--salad with grilled chicken and veggies on top, and homemade applesauce. Heaven!

May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Wilder, 4 days

We will read all kinds of inspirational things today.

We will surf blogs and cry at the gripping words and pictures; I will let those fill your heart and instead keep my words few.

Though the "job" is complicated and difficult to explain, mothering remains bound to this:

Our children are the best gift we have ever received. And we treat them as such.

They are also the greatest gift we will ever offer to the world.
And we treat them as such.

Happy Mother's Day.

(with a shout-out to the papas, our cheerleaders; weloveyou)

May 8, 2010

37 weeks

We never seem to get a prego picture in natural lighting...this is probably driving my photog friends CRAZY. At least I'm aware of the issue.

And I bet second-timers aren't supposed to document their pregnancies as religiously as first-timers, but, let's face it, I need a distraction. I also wanted to see if you like my blueberry cami--it's pjs (with my trusted bolero over it).
Three more weeks to go.

I'm ready! Well, sort of. We still have 19 things left on the to-do list, but we're both feeling pretty burned out. We watched a movie last night rather than do chores. We lied around in our pjs this morning for an hour or so. Had a park picnic Friday night. Just want to take time to relax and not overdue it so I can be a champ at delivery.

Shawn is nesting. Yes, Shawn. He reorganized my jewelry box and did the great Sock Match-up of 2010. Thank you, Babe. It is quite romantic.
Other stuff:
~Baby is head-down. That's all I could ask for. They thought Wilder was breech and that really stressed me out. But so far, this baby is in the "go" position.
~Same discomforts as last week (esp. my back). Braxton Hicks starting to kinda hurt now.
~Still no boy name chosen...

May 7, 2010

Baby Harris Tweetup

Shawn's coworkers were too kind to throw Eenie Meenie a BBQ baby shower, or rather, a Baby Harris Tweetup, in honor of Shawn's Twitter obsession.

It was a perfect afternoon for a picnic atop the balcony. I didn't get many pictures, as I was too busy noshing hot dogs and baked beans, thinking how blessed we are to have a supportive group of friends.
The invite was quite clever:
As were the onesies:
Thanks for spoiling us! We are so grateful.
Now if we could all just meet you, Eenie Meenie...