May 6, 2010

What would you do...

...if you won the lottery?

Here are my really, really selfish answers. But I am being honest! And I'd have to win BIG to make all this happen:

Pay off debt

Start a non-profit (something to do with mental health)

Open a home-accessory store (kitchy new and vintage gifts plus books)

Buy a new car (I have had mine 10 years)

Help family if they need anything
Get a gym membership

Establish recurring gift to the Alzheimer's Association
Donate my clothes and start a new wardrobe

Set up college funds for the kids

Travel (especially to Europe)

Get lipo and a breast lift
Invest for retirement
(can't forget this)
Buy an awesome mid-century house in Portland (want to live there someday),

furnished with all things Eames, etc. & a jetted master tub

Disclaimer: I do not live a life of "if only." What a waste that would be.

Today, right now, I am the richest, albeit blimpiest girl in the world!

Tried to get some pics of Wilder kissing the belly but no dice.
He's wriggling free from me and my stretch marks...

1 comment:

Weza said...

I would buy the gym, that way I would continue to make money off it. I too would start a non profit organisation , but mine would be for teenage mums. Oh the possibilities.