May 17, 2010

10 reasons why I'm glad I'm not pregnant in the olden days

Despite my infatuation with pioneer times/Laura Ingalls, I'm glad I'm not pregnant in the olden days:

1. I'd probably only get one lumpy, pokey down pillow to lie on instead of the 6 squishy ones I use to get comfortable. One of them is body-size and I call him my "boyfriend," to Shawn's chagrin.

2. I'd have to do really hard chores like till the garden and make butter and milk goats.

3. I'd probably be the last to bathe. By then the water would be cold and full of everyone else's crumbs and dirt...blech.

4. Outhouse.

5. I couldn't text my friends on the way to the hospital. Er, I mean, on the way to my bedroom.

6. Maternity clothes?

7. I would have to cook alot...things like rabbit stew and deer casserole (?)--a lot of meat-handling/gross. No frozen pizza.

8. Can't think of something for number 8.

9. No drugs during labor.

10. Fewer (as in, nil) birth control options post-baby.

I feel terrible, but, hey, it could be a lot worse!


Weza said...

Number 8: The high chance of dying in labour???

Kyle said...

Number 8: Possibly having to endure a large part if not all of your pregnancy in the back of a covered wagon. With dog/ husband/ 1 year old to care for?

Good grief. That would just be awful.

Bethany said...

Number 8: Shawn would have to be your midwife.

mommyjoymarie said...

Holy Cow! Just looked at your ticker - 10 days!!! Give or take. :)