Sep 19, 2011

Estate Saling Addiction

I took a hiatus from estate saleing because it was burning a hole in our already holey pockets. I get such a rush from finding that unique and eating are stress relievers for me and I can get really selfish about that whole instant gratification thing. It is hard to deny self and it's my prayer the Lord will help me rise above my own wants.

That said, I regressed a little by hitting up an estate sale THREE TIMES. Three days in a row. Because first day you pay full price, then the second day it's 25% off, then 50% the third day.

I found so many treasures, some of which I will pop on Etsy, the others I will keep, and others I will use in my craft booth display.

Some pretties include one of those fabric baskets, vintage Christmas glass ornaments, vintage fabrics, oval embroidery hanging, and rug for kitchen.
Oh yes, the winner of the Spincushions giveaway is Jessica. Congratulations; I'll email you. More for You Monday is on a wee break while I prep for BlogSugar/craft fairs/etc.

I'll end with some randoms:
Globe collection is underway. They are an expensive thing to collect. Maybe I'm just not buying at the right places?
As showcased in above photo, our house is always messy.
I had Lasik eye surgery a few years ago.
I like to wear pants above my belly button.
I'm stumped on what to wear to BlogSugar (I'll be there Fri-Mon so that's alot of outfits!).
I'm wondering if I can craft in the airplane on way to L.A. or if they'll say a needle is a weapon.

Sep 7, 2010

Marigold Road: the official launch!

I've moved!

Please visit my new blog.

The Harris Herald will no longer be updated so please add marigoldroad to your blogroll; it's been wonderful having your readership for the past three years and I anticipate exciting things to come at my new "pad."

Sep 3, 2010

Weekly wrap-up, in numbers

Life over the last 7 days:

Number of days I ran: 2
Miles logged: 3.5

Number of people in our house with a runny nose: 3

Number of people I talked on the phone with even though I hate it: 7? (scheduled appts)

Number of neighbors who came to chat: 1

Number of times we used sidewalk chalk: 2

Number of toes painted: 10

Number of cookies eaten: 12? eek.

Number of pictures taken: 100ish

Number of prayers prayed: 21 or so

Number of diapers changed: 91 (avg 5 for Wilder per day, and 8 for Story)

Number of
Big Brother episodes watched: 2

Can you guess who this is?
It is me...what a sight. What a BOOGER.

Have a happy loooonnnnnggg weekend!

Sep 2, 2010

Estate sale goodies

Vintage art supplies!
Bowl, necklaces, ice bucket

Sweet hummingbird pillow
Kitty magnet
Velvet framed picture
And my favorite!! Vintage umbrella...I love the shape/colors.
I bought the cream-colored rug, too.

Can you guess how much all of these things cost?



Aug 31, 2010

We all have those days, right?

The party's over.

Back to another week. I wasn't ready. I thought today was Wednesday, but, nope, it's Tuesday!

I had a dentist appointment, and since Shawn's sick, I had to take Story with me. Wilder stayed home with Daddy because he is getting sick too and I figured they could just be sick together. Story screamed at the dentist. A nice hygienist scooped her up for a few minutes so I could get my teeth cleaned. What a nice lady.

Usually it doesn't hurt. I've never had a cavity. But my gums are really sensitive given the lingering childbirth and now nursing hormones. So I have a headache. And apparently I could do braces if I had the money. The doctor very nonchalantly talked about my slight overture (overbite). She probably didn't know that it's a very touchy subject with me.

Wilder woke up naked...sheets soaked.

We have a million doctors appointments through the month of September. How are we going to do this? Wilder's leg follow-up (remember his cast?), me dermo, Story more shots, Wilder more shots (just for flu season), me family doctor, me "girly" doctor...I am already feeling overwhelmed.

The house smells of pungent plastic because a measuring cup melted in the dishwasher.

We need toilet paper and diapers. Even more frustrating because I was just at the store yesterday.

I need cookie dough. In a really bad way.

M&Ms will do until I can get to the store.
Breathe. This is definitely a day where I say, "God, I need you!"