Sep 3, 2010

Weekly wrap-up, in numbers

Life over the last 7 days:

Number of days I ran: 2
Miles logged: 3.5

Number of people in our house with a runny nose: 3

Number of people I talked on the phone with even though I hate it: 7? (scheduled appts)

Number of neighbors who came to chat: 1

Number of times we used sidewalk chalk: 2

Number of toes painted: 10

Number of cookies eaten: 12? eek.

Number of pictures taken: 100ish

Number of prayers prayed: 21 or so

Number of diapers changed: 91 (avg 5 for Wilder per day, and 8 for Story)

Number of
Big Brother episodes watched: 2

Can you guess who this is?
It is me...what a sight. What a BOOGER.

Have a happy loooonnnnnggg weekend!


Sarah said...

lol. enjoyed this.

Oh. Big Brother. My guilty pleasure.

Andrea said...

Wow....that picture looks so much like Story. I think the older she gets the more she looks like you.

Andrea said...
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Julie said...

I love seeing you as a baby. And I agree with Andrea: Story DOES look like you. I love it!!