Jul 30, 2009

I'm baaack!

I've been out of Kansas nearly the whole month of July. While I've had a few meltdowns and frenzied moments (I started crying when my sunglasses broke--gave the new mascara a good test run), I'm thankful to have had many travel opportunities and know it wouldn't have been possible if I was still working full time. 

We are now back from Colorado. Oh, what a glorious state she is! I'm smitten by her beauty, her people (ponytails are permitted, if not encouraged), and the potent sense of adventure. The mountains were a constant reminder that we are small and there's so much transpiring in nature and in us, so much we (I) don't know. In that realization I think to thank you--for reading about this Kansas girl's life of mommyhood and evolving self awareness...my life is not little, but, neither is our world.

If you'll let me, I'll drag out our 500+ vacation photos into as many posts as possible.
I just looked at the calendar for August. For now, this pestering you is where I am.

Jul 28, 2009

Summer party

Yay, we get invited to little kids' birthday parties now!

I couldn't stop photographing three year-old Diego, uh, I mean, "Mr. Conductor."
He and his family are astoundingly precious. Thanks for the invite, guys!

Jul 25, 2009



Oh, yeah.

You rock, it Wild Man.

Jul 23, 2009

There are two types of people in the world...

those who are Dunnings and those who wish they could be Dunnings!

I didn't say it. It's the family slogan. Or something.

We reunited in McPherson this year; I was in charge of planning it and am relieved to report it was a success. I hope my Dunning readers agree.

Oh, the Dunnings are my daddy's brothers/sister and their families. So, lots of blonde/blue eyed-motif going on.

There was chocolate, corn toss, play dough, photo-swapping, swimming, crafty things (my cousins all do something, whether it's purses, candles, blankies, photography...), and laughter.

Doesn't get any better than that!
I miss them already. These are my roots here, folks. Good, good people.

Jul 21, 2009

This is Wilder, checking in with a vacation recap.

I got to fly up in a plane. I gave momma a run for her money, squirming about and such. But I got more Cheerios that way!!

I played with cousin Max in the country; we went on stroller rides, swam, and practiced sharing (sort of).
We drove a while to my Aunt Tammy's. She has lots of animals. We made a herd, all of us.
Stella takes up a lot of room and toots. Peuugh!
I saw a dazzling kitty named Comet at the vet clinic.

And I played with my great Grandma! Her hands were soft and she gave me a toy. I love her.
We went to the junk shop, too. I tried on hats and was a strapping fellow.

Auntie Erin saved the day a bunch of days.
She is less frazzled than mommy. But that's okay because mommy's just right.

Jul 20, 2009

The 6 years that felt like 6 months

Yesterday was our anniversary (!). Shawn mowed. We ran to Target, drooled during naps, attended a friend's birthday party. Don't worry-soon we'll celebrate real proper like!

Nonetheless, I made time to settle in and ponder our wedding day. Pay it respect, if you will.

Mindy 6 years ago--uh, I barely remember her. I look at photos from July 19th, '03, and wonder why I selected an odd, mauve-ish lipstick color and why I didn't blend my foundation better. My veil is pretty but borderline buoyant. Then I lock eyes on the man to my right--he illuminates the photo more brilliantly than the Northern Lights radiate the Alaskan heavenlies...He's kissing my shoulder.

I felt beautiful. Even if the now Mindy would choose different flowers and reception decor, I'd never choose a different man to marry.

What matters, what really sticks and lasts, is that he was there. And we're still going. Six years, an expanse of experiences ranging from graduating college to buying a fixer-upper, and one perfect baby later, we are both present.

Oh, how I love, how I want the present.

Babe-thank you for uncovering the beauty I had yet, but needed to, embrace in myself. For giving me courage to permit myself to want--to breathe in and out fully, to like all of me. And for revealing that it's okay to face those places thirsting for healing because my heart and life are worth it. I try. And I do so with vigor knowing you'll catch me when I flounder. Even if we stumble, I'd rather careen down a hill with you than alone. A tumbling, tangling mess of legs & stinky morning breath.

You are my music.


Jul 19, 2009

Country livin'.

Country livin'. Pro: beauty abounds (I mean, wow!). Con: insects of various sizes and stinging abilities prosper.

Exhibit A:
Last week I went from bustling metro:
photo courtesy of Journal Interactive (my New York City reader, do not laugh! I am quite impressed at Wichita's growing urban capabilities)

(with lengthy travel and a broken suitcase in-between)
To serene countryside in Newman, Illinois:

Farming looks very involved, complicated. I have been naughty to underappreciate the food in my fridge.
Cute grandpas that "come calling" and who smoke pipes and drive red trucks are the most precious of neighbors.
I'm so happy my sister has found her country home.
Seclusion is good.
Minimal distractions is refreshing.
I'm a city slicker, through and through. I need people.

The country will always be a place I'm excited to visit!

Jul 17, 2009

Love your feet

My feet were crying out.
Desperate for some attention.
So I called together girlfriends and we had a party.
For our feet!
Thank you, Sissy, for being the ever professional Mary Kay girl and for waiting on us hand and, uh,


And, thank you, chocolate, for making your blessed appearance. I love you.

Jul 16, 2009

In case you were wondering...

I've been on vacay...Wilder, Sissy, and I flew to Chicago to make our way through Illinois and Wisconsin to visit family.

And I missed you!

And I really miss this:
My Aunt Tam's screened porch/back gardens. I smile every time I go in there (and get a pang of envy!). Why this room hasn't been featured in Martha Stewart or Better Homes and Gardens is beyond me!

Because you are likely wondering: yes, Wilder was an angelic traveling companion on the Wichita-Chicago flight. But on the way home, he had to rely on his new friend, Marcus (a friendly 2-year old one row up), to console him during his two meltdowns. I don't blame him--he was tired!

Love to you! It's good to be home.