Jul 20, 2009

The 6 years that felt like 6 months

Yesterday was our anniversary (!). Shawn mowed. We ran to Target, drooled during naps, attended a friend's birthday party. Don't worry-soon we'll celebrate real proper like!

Nonetheless, I made time to settle in and ponder our wedding day. Pay it respect, if you will.

Mindy 6 years ago--uh, I barely remember her. I look at photos from July 19th, '03, and wonder why I selected an odd, mauve-ish lipstick color and why I didn't blend my foundation better. My veil is pretty but borderline buoyant. Then I lock eyes on the man to my right--he illuminates the photo more brilliantly than the Northern Lights radiate the Alaskan heavenlies...He's kissing my shoulder.

I felt beautiful. Even if the now Mindy would choose different flowers and reception decor, I'd never choose a different man to marry.

What matters, what really sticks and lasts, is that he was there. And we're still going. Six years, an expanse of experiences ranging from graduating college to buying a fixer-upper, and one perfect baby later, we are both present.

Oh, how I love, how I want the present.

Babe-thank you for uncovering the beauty I had yet, but needed to, embrace in myself. For giving me courage to permit myself to want--to breathe in and out fully, to like all of me. And for revealing that it's okay to face those places thirsting for healing because my heart and life are worth it. I try. And I do so with vigor knowing you'll catch me when I flounder. Even if we stumble, I'd rather careen down a hill with you than alone. A tumbling, tangling mess of legs & stinky morning breath.

You are my music.



Weza said...

Oh my I am crying. How truly beautiful. I feel like an intuder into your intimate world with your husband. How you have captured the safety that comes when a marriage is filled with trust and love.
Happy Anniversary!

Katie said...

beautiful words, beautiful pictures, mindy. time flies when you're having fun and in love. I can't believe that was really 6 years ago! It makes me feel old, until I realize that you guys got married so young :) Cheers to many many more love-filled years!

The Rouse House said...

Happy Anniversary!! It looks like it was a beautiful day, a beautiful bride and a beautiful marriage.

Cyrus and Hilary said...

Mindy, I remember how moved I was at your wedding. How blessed I felt to be sitting in the company of friends and family, marveling out how God brought you two together. I do not remember crying at a wedding before yours. It was beautiful. It was moving. It was God-filled. You two are a true love story. May you fall more in love with one another each and every day! Love you two! -Hil

mommyjoymarie said...

Happy Anniversary! I so identify with this post. I am so not the person I was almost 9 years ago...I too would change just about everything about my wedding, except the most important part - Chris.

PaisleyJade said...

Happy anniversary!! What beautiful photos!

Andrea said...

I cant believe it has been 6 years. Next month will hit our 6 year anniversary for our "2nd wedding"!!! I know I have changed in the last 6 years also, but I dont have anything yet I would have changed about our wedding. Now our first wedding is a different story, there are several things I would have changed. Congrats you two!

Julie said...

Beautiful post, Mindy. Love it. Happy Anniversary!

Andrea said...

Congratulations on 6 years! I have changed a lot in our 3 years--it will be fun to see how much more I have changed in 3 more!