Jul 30, 2009

I'm baaack!

I've been out of Kansas nearly the whole month of July. While I've had a few meltdowns and frenzied moments (I started crying when my sunglasses broke--gave the new mascara a good test run), I'm thankful to have had many travel opportunities and know it wouldn't have been possible if I was still working full time. 

We are now back from Colorado. Oh, what a glorious state she is! I'm smitten by her beauty, her people (ponytails are permitted, if not encouraged), and the potent sense of adventure. The mountains were a constant reminder that we are small and there's so much transpiring in nature and in us, so much we (I) don't know. In that realization I think to thank you--for reading about this Kansas girl's life of mommyhood and evolving self awareness...my life is not little, but, neither is our world.

If you'll let me, I'll drag out our 500+ vacation photos into as many posts as possible.
I just looked at the calendar for August. For now, this pestering you is where I am.


Weza said...

Hey welcome baaaack. I missed you and your gorgeous photos and little Wild man, and you oh so lovely perspective on life.
I recieve that hug, sent across the waters. Thanks

Andrea said...

I cant wait to see the pics. It was great to be able to relax a little in CO. If you have any good ones I would love a copy for scrapbooking!

Jenna said...

This looks like you had THE MOST relaxing time. Good for you and your family. Time to be treasured.