Jul 1, 2009

Wilder Wednesday

Wilder's grandmas check my blog. So I thought I'd better get pictures up since it's been awhile!

Also, I just checked how old Wilder is by counting the actual weeks since he's been born, and, the number is 45! So, technically I missed his 11-month post/"birthday." It's kinda weird how the 52 weeks in one year affects this...that's the uber technical side of me trying to figure out how old he "actually is."

Furthermore, next, secondly, moreover, in addition...here are some cool things:

~bath time is uh, exhausting (for us) as he tries to climb out
~he crawls on all fours FAST (army crawling less), and climbs on the furniture

~has made a few cruising maneuvers to/from furniture

~talks lots and said "ma-ma" when looking at me

~claps his hand and did a half-wave when daddy left for work
~self-feeds--cheese makes him happy

~forms his lips into an "O" when focused or excited

~loves walking with our holding both his hands--he takes large steps
~has two lower teeth and is working on the 2 upper

~has lots of hair and pretty curls (lately he has been mistaken for a girl more frequently)
~enjoys the swimming pool
~turns pages in books (and pats them!)

~makes friends wherever he goes--the mall, estate sales, grocery store...
~has only broken two of mommy's mid-century decorations
~getting a firm grasp on "no" but doesn't always follow through!

I'm so lucky to get to be his pal all day, every day.

He is my heart and I love him with all of it.



The Boccias said...

So sweet. He's just the cutest. It's funny to see him sitting in the big bath tub, loving it. Sophie STILL sits in this inflatable duck that goes in the tub. We've tried doing a regular bath a few times and she was so scared. She might still be cramming her little bod into that duck when she's 5. At least we're using less water? :) Have a great day!

Weza said...

He really is the sweetest child. Hasnt he come a long way in his milestones. He will be walking soon.
You planning his birthday yet?

Anonymous said...

That second to the last picture just cracks me up. He is such a funny kid.