Jul 21, 2009

This is Wilder, checking in with a vacation recap.

I got to fly up in a plane. I gave momma a run for her money, squirming about and such. But I got more Cheerios that way!!

I played with cousin Max in the country; we went on stroller rides, swam, and practiced sharing (sort of).
We drove a while to my Aunt Tammy's. She has lots of animals. We made a herd, all of us.
Stella takes up a lot of room and toots. Peuugh!
I saw a dazzling kitty named Comet at the vet clinic.

And I played with my great Grandma! Her hands were soft and she gave me a toy. I love her.
We went to the junk shop, too. I tried on hats and was a strapping fellow.

Auntie Erin saved the day a bunch of days.
She is less frazzled than mommy. But that's okay because mommy's just right.


Andrea said...

Wilder, I cant wait to squeeze on you and spoil you in CO!! Get ready!

The Boccias said...

Two posts in a row. I know I'm pregnant and it really doesn't take much...but stop making me cry! In this one, it was the last two sentences and that sweet picture of you and Wilder. I guess because I've been feeling frazzled, out of control, and plain overwhelmed lately. Nice to remember I am somehow just right for this little girl I don't always know what to do with. :)

Andrea said...

Jaxon has that same set of onesies, too. I love that last picture.

Weza said...

:) Wilder you are so clever. Typing and adding pictures like a true blogger pro.