Jul 19, 2009

Country livin'.

Country livin'. Pro: beauty abounds (I mean, wow!). Con: insects of various sizes and stinging abilities prosper.

Exhibit A:
Last week I went from bustling metro:
photo courtesy of Journal Interactive (my New York City reader, do not laugh! I am quite impressed at Wichita's growing urban capabilities)

(with lengthy travel and a broken suitcase in-between)
To serene countryside in Newman, Illinois:

Farming looks very involved, complicated. I have been naughty to underappreciate the food in my fridge.
Cute grandpas that "come calling" and who smoke pipes and drive red trucks are the most precious of neighbors.
I'm so happy my sister has found her country home.
Seclusion is good.
Minimal distractions is refreshing.
I'm a city slicker, through and through. I need people.

The country will always be a place I'm excited to visit!


Jenna said...

Oh my goodness, thanks for sharing your trip. You and your sister look IDENTICAL in that photo!! I seriously couldn't figure out who was who!

PamperingBeki said...

Beautiful pictures!! Don't you just love the midwest? (I'm in Kansas too.)

Weza said...

I love these photos. The country always fills me with a sense of calm, but I get bored pretty quickly and need the hustle and bustle.