Jul 2, 2009

I get to...

This stay-at-home mom thing rocks because I get to have playdates in the morning and serve donuts and orange juice and laugh and talk and love on babies. Like this guy (almost 12 weeks)-an absolute dream:


He and Wilder had on the same green onesie. Wilder was the Jolly Green Giant and this wee one was Little Sprout.

Wilder in his matching green onesie looking not quite as...as....

innocent. :-)
On an unrelated note, will you let me brag about my recent $3.75 estate sale purchase (console table)? Ok, great! You are all so good to me.


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Anonymous said...

Eeeeeee!!! What cuteness! Wild IS innocent. . . so so so cute! I actually did notice your table with the roses today. : )