Sep 7, 2010

Marigold Road: the official launch!

I've moved!

Please visit my new blog.

The Harris Herald will no longer be updated so please add marigoldroad to your blogroll; it's been wonderful having your readership for the past three years and I anticipate exciting things to come at my new "pad."

Sep 3, 2010

Weekly wrap-up, in numbers

Life over the last 7 days:

Number of days I ran: 2
Miles logged: 3.5

Number of people in our house with a runny nose: 3

Number of people I talked on the phone with even though I hate it: 7? (scheduled appts)

Number of neighbors who came to chat: 1

Number of times we used sidewalk chalk: 2

Number of toes painted: 10

Number of cookies eaten: 12? eek.

Number of pictures taken: 100ish

Number of prayers prayed: 21 or so

Number of diapers changed: 91 (avg 5 for Wilder per day, and 8 for Story)

Number of
Big Brother episodes watched: 2

Can you guess who this is?
It is me...what a sight. What a BOOGER.

Have a happy loooonnnnnggg weekend!

Sep 2, 2010

Estate sale goodies

Vintage art supplies!
Bowl, necklaces, ice bucket

Sweet hummingbird pillow
Kitty magnet
Velvet framed picture
And my favorite!! Vintage umbrella...I love the shape/colors.
I bought the cream-colored rug, too.

Can you guess how much all of these things cost?