Dec 31, 2009

Christmas @ the Dunning's--Chapter 1

We had three Christmases. I asked myself, "during the holidays, what did we do {with our time} pre-kids?" I remember: be lazy, be lazy, be lazy, and watch TLC.

I had a smidge more energy during the second Christmas, so I'll share the most pictures from that holiday "session."

My parents set their house up like a B & B, with a separate room for every slumbering couple and child. The food was scrumptious--I ate until one meal ran into the other. Not sure I would have ever needed to leave the table.

Max and W were our entertainment; they're growing older and can play together better, although we had some "sharing is caring" issues.
All was forgiven and Max helped wash W.
Baby browns:
Baby blues:
W received a shopping cart from Erin & Ryan. I was secretly overjoyed at that one because I can play with it, too. I played with Erin, 5 years my junior, until I was at least 12 (kitchen, barbies, house, store...), and I certainly haven't outgrown the urge to play. I'm just not as good with dinosaurs and trucks.
Perhaps W inherited his curls from Sissy?
Below pics are for our Seattle friends (who bought W the Conserve Water, Drink Chocolate Milk tee):

Momma and Daddy's tree--real this year. They did the wagon ride/chop it down gig and everything. It was beautiful.
My sister and confidante. I love her. More sister pics to come in Chapter Two!
In the mean time, Happy New Year! Go paint the town for me. I'll be in my flannels by 10. Sexy.

Dec 29, 2009

Pregnancy update

Ve are bak from ze Creesmuz celebrashun and ve are pooped.

BUT! We had our sonogram early today!!! So I figured I'd give you a new pregnancy picture (a few people have asked) as well as a couple of the baby, even though sonogram pics are difficult to decipher.
The most important thing is that all of the baby's organs are just perfect, and there were no previa issues.

I'm 18 1/2 weeks, feel awesome (but tired), have felt baby's first movements, had to get new bras (woah, Nellie), and sorta really crave Cap'n Crunch {again}.

We held out on not learning the gender. That was tough. My inborn curiosity had me squinting during the sono to see an appendage or not. No luck. My eyes were playing tricks on me in that one minute I was convinced "boy" and the next "girl." Some think we're crazy not to find out, but in a society of instant gratification I want to go against the flow and wait this out (not that it's easy).

I try to be a good I drank the recommended 32 oz. water beforehand. So much so that the tech said my bladder was too full. So I got to enjoy the sono without having to the urge to go-hallelujah! The other plus was that Wilder stayed with Grandpa H so we wouldn't have to chase him around. Thanks, H!

Some things I noticed about the baby (mainly comparisons with Wilder):

His/her foot actually had an arch to it, whereas Wilder's is FLAT like Shawn's
Perhaps more Dunning facial characteristics this time around (except the mouth), but who can really tell, as the baby only weighs 8 oz.?

Heart rate 130--Wilder's was never that low

WAY MORE active than Wilder during his first sonogram

Saw yawning and thumb-sucking

Here's my favorite picture of Wilder from Christmas break:
And there's the update on my babies!

Dec 27, 2009

Shawn's finalized pics

Shawn tinkered around in photoshop to produce some beautiful photos of Sissy and Ryan that I just HAVE to share:

It's kinda easy when the subjects look like Ken & Barbie (well, cept for the last pic). Shawn, you rock.

Dec 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

photos by Meg Duerksen at Whatever, Sept. 09.

Dec 24, 2009

Wonderful Christmas things

I've been busy prepping for Christmas, as we all have. I chose several "non-mandatory" projects to do for fun, and told myself, if this evokes stress, STOP.

Well I kinda stressed anyway and kinda didn't stop. We had a couple of at home days wherein I was able to get alot done during W's naps.

Snow globes (how-to on Martha Stewart); perfect way to reuse those glass baby food jars
Pumpkin bread (main criteria: NO NUTS!) Click here for recipe:
Sugar cookies (an integral part of the season):
Wrapping gifts-isn't this vintage paper (estate sale find) the best?
Mug gifts-ordered through WalMart for all of Wilder's grandparents and great-grandparents Already a hit!
Christmas cards-we opted for postcards (less postage), and used a colorful Meg Duerksen photo:
Merry Christmas!

Enjoy yourselves, relax, breathe deeply, and love the Lord who came to us as an infant.

Dec 23, 2009

To Thee I only live

(photo by Shawn, Bilby farm)

This poem seems appropriate as we near Christmas...

Here's my poetry tangent: I used to go through poetry books and choose the shortest ones to read, simply because I had a hard time understanding them. Some still require decoding, and I, as the reader, may never quite "arrive", but that's okay. For me, it's about being spoken to in a less common way. And the poetry of old is so fascinating...there is something so deep and mystifying about hearing from someone who has gone before us
. Precious words hold great value for us today, but there's definitely a draw to see those words written before technology blasted into the scene. The quill pen...

To Jesus

Rise, O my soul, with thy desires to heaven,

And with divinest contemplation use

Thy time where time's eternity is given,

And let vain thoughts no more thy thoughts abuse;

But down in midnight darkness let them lie;

So live thy better, let they worse thoughts die!

And thou, my soul, inspired with holy flame,
View and review with most regardful eye

That holy Cross, whence thy salvation came,

On which thy Saviour and thy sin did die!

For in that sacred object is much pleasure,

And in that Saviour is my life, my treasure.

To Thee, O Jesu! I direct my eye,

To Thee my hands, to Thee my humble knees;

To Thee my heart shall offer sacrifice;
To Thee my thoughts, Who my thoughts only sees:
To Thee myselft, myself and all I give;

To Thee I die, to Thee I only live!

Sir Walter Raleigh, 1552-1618

Dec 21, 2009

Sweet Calla!

For Julie & her Beauty.

I've never had an urge

More potent than

The one to hold you

To feel your tiny hand

Clamp my warm finger

You are here before me

So small and precious

My Beauty

Of my flesh and blood
Of every part of me

I see you and in that

Find immediate delight


But as your momma

This sweetness is tinged

With worry and fear

As the angels whisper to me, I know

That you will dance

And love pink, sparkly things

And whatever kind of normal

God chooses to give you

To give us

I will thank Him for it
Trust Him with it

Cry to Him about it

I know we will get through it

Life will never be the same

Sweet Calla Jayne, my Beauty

You make me better.


Reason number 1,396 why I love Shawn: always willing to accept a dare.

cell phone pic
Sportin' a wig/glasses at QuikTrip.

Never a dull moment.

Dec 19, 2009


Alert! Alert! I do NOT have it all together. See the dining room table, where we're supposed to eat?
And who lets her kid play with ice chunks shaped like knickers?

Dec 18, 2009

B's big, pretty, antique house full of vintage

My urge to photograph can get a little out of control. My beautiful friend B has a KNACK for decorating...she's good at vintage. Really good. So when Wilder and I were invited over to her home for a lunch playdate, I knew to bring the camera (especially at Christmastime). And the first thing I mentioned was, "can I take pictures of your house? Oh, yes, it's good to see you!"

She obliged.

Enjoy. It is pure eye candy.

B, thank you for the precious time (I hope you like the pictures). The Asian salad was delectable, and Wilder inhaled his grilled cheese. Next time, our house! We love you.