Dec 24, 2009

Wonderful Christmas things

I've been busy prepping for Christmas, as we all have. I chose several "non-mandatory" projects to do for fun, and told myself, if this evokes stress, STOP.

Well I kinda stressed anyway and kinda didn't stop. We had a couple of at home days wherein I was able to get alot done during W's naps.

Snow globes (how-to on Martha Stewart); perfect way to reuse those glass baby food jars
Pumpkin bread (main criteria: NO NUTS!) Click here for recipe:
Sugar cookies (an integral part of the season):
Wrapping gifts-isn't this vintage paper (estate sale find) the best?
Mug gifts-ordered through WalMart for all of Wilder's grandparents and great-grandparents Already a hit!
Christmas cards-we opted for postcards (less postage), and used a colorful Meg Duerksen photo:
Merry Christmas!

Enjoy yourselves, relax, breathe deeply, and love the Lord who came to us as an infant.


Weza said...

Merry Christmas to your beautiful family. xxx

Ashli said...

Just Adore the vintage paper
We didn't wrap this year
We used re-usable bags from the NY Public Library (kinda my fave place in the world...)
This is cool, but far less fun that un-wrapping
We also have a palm tree for Christmas that will stay forever
And I hafta say, though I love this,
The SMELL is SO not the same!!
Love, Love to you and yours

Shannon said...

I'm so glad I didn't read this until after Christmas day was already done because I would have felt inadequate. No crafts or vintage paper for us. I love your ideas.

Widge said...

I made those snow globes to this year a real hit with the kids. and Man I'm loving your dress!