Dec 31, 2009

Christmas @ the Dunning's--Chapter 1

We had three Christmases. I asked myself, "during the holidays, what did we do {with our time} pre-kids?" I remember: be lazy, be lazy, be lazy, and watch TLC.

I had a smidge more energy during the second Christmas, so I'll share the most pictures from that holiday "session."

My parents set their house up like a B & B, with a separate room for every slumbering couple and child. The food was scrumptious--I ate until one meal ran into the other. Not sure I would have ever needed to leave the table.

Max and W were our entertainment; they're growing older and can play together better, although we had some "sharing is caring" issues.
All was forgiven and Max helped wash W.
Baby browns:
Baby blues:
W received a shopping cart from Erin & Ryan. I was secretly overjoyed at that one because I can play with it, too. I played with Erin, 5 years my junior, until I was at least 12 (kitchen, barbies, house, store...), and I certainly haven't outgrown the urge to play. I'm just not as good with dinosaurs and trucks.
Perhaps W inherited his curls from Sissy?
Below pics are for our Seattle friends (who bought W the Conserve Water, Drink Chocolate Milk tee):

Momma and Daddy's tree--real this year. They did the wagon ride/chop it down gig and everything. It was beautiful.
My sister and confidante. I love her. More sister pics to come in Chapter Two!
In the mean time, Happy New Year! Go paint the town for me. I'll be in my flannels by 10. Sexy.

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Katie said...

YIPEEEE! I totally forgot about that shirt...think we sent it a year ago, which goes to show how little we knew about buying childrens clothing :) Glad you were able to enjoy fun times with the family. Such cuties. All of you.