Dec 21, 2009

Sweet Calla!

For Julie & her Beauty.

I've never had an urge

More potent than

The one to hold you

To feel your tiny hand

Clamp my warm finger

You are here before me

So small and precious

My Beauty

Of my flesh and blood
Of every part of me

I see you and in that

Find immediate delight


But as your momma

This sweetness is tinged

With worry and fear

As the angels whisper to me, I know

That you will dance

And love pink, sparkly things

And whatever kind of normal

God chooses to give you

To give us

I will thank Him for it
Trust Him with it

Cry to Him about it

I know we will get through it

Life will never be the same

Sweet Calla Jayne, my Beauty

You make me better.



jen christians said...

That was Beautiful!

Julie said...

This is beautiful, Mindy. Thank you, thank you for your friendship, love, support, and for this precious poem for calla.

Much love!

Emily said...

wow. tears. beauty. amazing.