Dec 16, 2009

Things you can do that don't involve technology {mostly}

It's been therapeutic for me to have fun nights out with friends, whether it's Bible study, dinner, or a Pampered Chef party, but, recently I've cut way back on those things.

For Shawn.

He's my hot babe and I want to still know who he is when we are 48 and the kids are off to college, not needing us anymore.

While we are still working on it, we aim to do at least one night a week, technology-FREE!!! I've spoken with friends about this goal and they've wanted to see my idea list for things to do (besides the obvious *wink*). Oh, I should note that these are geared toward "home bound parents who might clean and surf the net and ignore their spouse once the kids are in bed", but, are not limited to such couples.

So, here we have it:

National Geographic
date--come on, don't roll your eyes. Snag your parents' old copies and lie in bed reading about our weird world. The pictures aren't too shabby either.

Play a game--so far we are 1:1 in Scrabble; it's very intense as we keep score and have the dictionary on hand

Sketch/draw/art project--doodle or paint a little, no pressure

Organizational project--purge a closet or organize your it together!

Exercise--push-ups and crunches; no equipment required

Bake or cook--this is a win-win

Photography (not quite tech-free)--take pics of the sky, the dog, your cool furniture...

Jabber--often and a lot

Got anything to add? I'm all ears.


Ashli said...

We have date night Wed nights and try to do new creative things each week sans the usual movies, etc. We've been slacking lately in the creativity dept, due to the madness of the season and up-coming travel...
But one thing that we did do one night is build an indoor fort and read to each other inside. It was so much fun, we ended up keeping it up for awhile!

Shannon said...

This is good. I'm a little...uhh..."connected" all the time as you likely know. Getting disconnected occasionally is good.

We do Scrabble a lot.

We don't cook together so much as I cook while he talks to me. Sometimes while each having a glass of wine.

We run together.

We drive to Sonic and get a drink and drive around.

I realize we can do some stuff because we have kids who can stay home alone. We waited 12 years to be able to do that. Then again, our kids don't really go to bed early to allow us a few hours of downtime anymore either. Pros/cons.

estellaruggles said...

sketch, doodle, and paint on each other :)

Monopoly is our game choice, and we end up paying each other, with things besides money ("I'll do the dishes tomorrow, if you let me skip rent on Boardwalk 2 times..")

Weird schedules=Friday morning Starbucks after we take the kids to school. We take the kids to school together, and hold hands. I'm sure the other parents roll their eyes. I love it. :)

Drew said...

my wonderful wife and i (this week)started eating dinner at the table while doing a 'couples devotional.' it's pretty fantastic.

Natalie said...

what great ideas!! :) we love just hangin out too and we have made it a priority to have date night at least once a week... hopefully that will keep going even when we have kids, but it's so fun to hear new ideas and see what others are doing for fun!!

Jenna said...

loved this post Mindy. Such great ideas for all of us to "disconnect" for a few hours - so we can "re-connect" with our spouse.