Dec 10, 2009

Our burden bearer.


After a day like today, I needed something pretty to look at and read.
Wilder locked himself in the bathroom again. Daddy saved the day by rushing home from work to dismantle the window and rescue Wilder that way. There was only one broken soap dish and crumbled makeup askew. But an in-tact one year old was all we cared about.

Shaking off the trauma, we headed to a fun, albeit exhausting playdate...Wilder managed to find their toilet, too. *sigh* *antibacterial*

Then we came home for a snack and I burned my fingers on a HOT plate (which I subsequently dropped and therefore broke).

And after these incidences there are hot rollers rolling all over the house, blueberries stuck to the kitchen floor, coats piled atop the dining room table, laundry in a basket on the stove...

But my best friend sent me
this for Christmas and it made my day!! I'm reminded that while I'm busy caring for the house, and Wilder, and germinating a baby, a supportive friend is just a phone call away.

And she'd say, "take heart with the day."


Ashli said...

Mamma said there'd be days like these!
Sounds like a wild one...
You are so often in my thoughts
I'm desperate for a nice newsy catch up!
Call me when you get a chance...

Bethany said...

Oh, Mindy, I remember all too well Diego's affinity for the toilet... the good news is that it will eventually go away! I tried to put a doorknob cover on our bathroom door, but our antique doorknobs were too wide for them. Maybe you would have better luck with them than we did? BTW, you look beautiful!