Dec 4, 2009

No naps resolution

This may seem silly to you, but, today's my first attempt at not taking a nap. I want to clean, blog, do Christmas projects, get dinner ready, shoot, maybe even watch Oprah. Wilder takes such superb naps that I take one of my own (just sooo tired!). And there may be nights when the insomnia is so intense that I'll need a nap during the day. But for now, I'm going to try to do no naps, or only 30-minute naps!

We'll see how it goes.

I've been blessed with soulful social interaction this week, which I missed so much during Wilder's illness. That heartspring connection allows the blood to throb through my veins. I am happy, secure. And always thinking.

I've had some struggles in my life, as have you, and at a later time, maybe I can share those journeys. For now, I buoyantly profess that I'm in a good place. I'm no longer afraid of what was cowering behind the chambers of my heart--an enemy that attempted to steal the fact that I matter. The scars I bear make me beautiful--I am proud of them. The fact that I can't forget some of the past's hurts makes me even more trusting of the Cross. I need my cup to be filled by the Lord. He is my covering, my healing, my peace.

Why the depth of my sharing? I'm not sure. I walk by Jesus in his nativity manger every day now (unless Wilder's got him), and in this season, I want to make certain that I am honest about where I am, about Who got me here. To this place of glory and grace.

There are days when I am weary; life's not perfect; the monotony of managing family and home is sometimes numbing. But these are my days, and I am thankful to
want to live them.

My two-day cookie project (making 9 doz. monster cookies for tomorrow's sweet swap):
My first attempt at gift-in-a-jar (what fun!); these are birthday cookies for a friend:
The fabric's even vintage. :-)


mommyjoymarie said...

That does not sound silly to me at all. :) I am trying to forgo the nap myself. I too struggle to sleep often at night! It helps that Grayson doesn't usually sleep more than an hour. If I can stay awake through that I am good...although this week he took a three hour nap on Tuesday and a two hour nap on Thursday! Sorry for the book...and good luck on your resolution.

Andrea said...

Mindy, when did you start struggling to sleep at night? Could it be related to you taking a nap during the day??? Just a thought?

Those cookies look great! We no longer have an oven and of course everyone now seems to be talking about baking...ugh!

Julie said...

Your cookies look AMAZING. And I love the cookie-in-a-jar gift as well. Very cute!

And let me know how the no nap resolution goes. I have struggled so much with that lately. I will not let myself take a nap some days, but then on my next day off I feel like I can't go on without a nap. Yet when I do sleep, not much gets done except playing with Ori. Anyway, good for you and hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Thanks for sharing your heart!

va said...

I thought you were talking about Mr. Wilder no longer taking a nap! Silly silly me!! :)