Dec 2, 2009

It is Wednesday. It IS Wednesday.

The turn of events making up part of my Wednesday follow below. It's a glamorous life. Brace yourselves.

6:00am Wilder wakes up with leaky diaper. Change diaper and PJs since Shawn can't see without contacts

8:45am Wilder's awake, give bottle, bundle in coat

8:50am Clean up the recycling which is strewn all over the lawn because it's so windy; hands almost break off from the cold

9:15am Load up and take Shawn to work

9:20am Donut Whole stop

9:30am Feed Wilder breakfast while Skyping with Dee
{lucky us!}

10:30am I eat breakfast, dress both of us, make meal plan/shopping list

11:00am Wal-Mart trip (ugh); can't find Mason jars; lose Wilder's shoe; find it

1:00pm Return home, unload groceries
while Wilder takes said groceries back off the pantry shelves

1:15pm feed Wilder lunch, load dishwasher, one load of laundry

2:00pm Wilder down for nap; not sleeping because he's on a sugar high from sugar toast

2:10pm Watch Marley poop so he doesn't eat it

Thank God I whipped Shawn (by 15 pts) at Scrabble last night otherwise I'd be feelin' low and exhausted by now!
And thank God for donuts.
How are you this Wednesday? Better not be stressin' over the hollydays.


Weza said...

My day is so very similar except for the donuts, the dog poop, and we actually all get up at 6am.
Loving this post, life is beautiful thats for sure.

Tami said...

Oh my gosh those donuts looks fabulous! Enjoy!

Andrea said...

Hey, bad time to find mason jars. But I am selling some on craigslist,so let me know if you are interested.

How are things going other then your wonderful Wednesday? Sorry we missed seeing you this last weekend.

Jenna said...

Finally made our first visit to the Donut Whole Saturday. SO GOOD. Such cute decor. Loved the placed.