Dec 29, 2009

Pregnancy update

Ve are bak from ze Creesmuz celebrashun and ve are pooped.

BUT! We had our sonogram early today!!! So I figured I'd give you a new pregnancy picture (a few people have asked) as well as a couple of the baby, even though sonogram pics are difficult to decipher.
The most important thing is that all of the baby's organs are just perfect, and there were no previa issues.

I'm 18 1/2 weeks, feel awesome (but tired), have felt baby's first movements, had to get new bras (woah, Nellie), and sorta really crave Cap'n Crunch {again}.

We held out on not learning the gender. That was tough. My inborn curiosity had me squinting during the sono to see an appendage or not. No luck. My eyes were playing tricks on me in that one minute I was convinced "boy" and the next "girl." Some think we're crazy not to find out, but in a society of instant gratification I want to go against the flow and wait this out (not that it's easy).

I try to be a good I drank the recommended 32 oz. water beforehand. So much so that the tech said my bladder was too full. So I got to enjoy the sono without having to the urge to go-hallelujah! The other plus was that Wilder stayed with Grandpa H so we wouldn't have to chase him around. Thanks, H!

Some things I noticed about the baby (mainly comparisons with Wilder):

His/her foot actually had an arch to it, whereas Wilder's is FLAT like Shawn's
Perhaps more Dunning facial characteristics this time around (except the mouth), but who can really tell, as the baby only weighs 8 oz.?

Heart rate 130--Wilder's was never that low

WAY MORE active than Wilder during his first sonogram

Saw yawning and thumb-sucking

Here's my favorite picture of Wilder from Christmas break:
And there's the update on my babies!


Amy said...

You're looking good! It's so much fun to find out the baby's gender at delivery... no regrets! :)

mommyjoymarie said...

oooo....isn't it fun to say babies!! I remember, after Tate was born, the first time I said "my boys..."

Shannon said...

You're adorable. I think I squeed when I read "babies." Plural. SQUEE!

TheHappyNeills said...

you're lovely as always!

i thought holding out 5 months to find out the gender was torture enough :) we would've found out at the time of the stick test if we could've. so we waited for the suprise for 5 months, rather than 9, is how we see it :)

*I* can't wait to find out what you'll have! love ya!