Dec 18, 2009

B's big, pretty, antique house full of vintage

My urge to photograph can get a little out of control. My beautiful friend B has a KNACK for decorating...she's good at vintage. Really good. So when Wilder and I were invited over to her home for a lunch playdate, I knew to bring the camera (especially at Christmastime). And the first thing I mentioned was, "can I take pictures of your house? Oh, yes, it's good to see you!"

She obliged.

Enjoy. It is pure eye candy.

B, thank you for the precious time (I hope you like the pictures). The Asian salad was delectable, and Wilder inhaled his grilled cheese. Next time, our house! We love you.


Ashli said...

Love it!

Julie said...

What a fun Christmas house tour. :) It's beautiful!!

Miss you, Mindy!!

Nicole Th said...

soooo i want to live there. you think she'd switch w/me??