Dec 17, 2009

Little kids Christmas party

We continue to be in prayer for my friend Julie, and her dear family. She gave birth to Calla Jayne (how awesome is her name?) yesterday evening. Full blog post here. Please keep praying!
You well know I'm heavily involved in the
Wichita Stay at Home Moms Meetup group. Wilder and I attend 3 to 4 events per week, ranging from playdates to lunch dates to the zoo to the park...the girls have become my support system, especially when it comes to parenting challenges. We've all got each others' backs.

Like today, for instance. I came into the Christmas party, arms much too full of things, crying off my makeup. I knew I was about to upchuck and I hate upchucking. I had hurriedly taken my pills on an empty stomach, and, well, my stomach just said "no"...I found the bathroom in time! It was comforting to have the girls there to make sure I was okay. Sometimes a gal just needs a hug, and a "hang in there."

The party, ever a success, provided crafts, food, cookie decorating, canned food drive, and a book exchange. The chaos gave me a headache, but, that's normal! Wilder enjoyed exploring the place and climbing chairs.

If you don't know much about MeetUp, visit their site. Groups supporting coffee, literature, the samba, pugs (oh, geez), and cycling fiends, to name a few, dot the globe. If you can't find a group you'd like to join (usually for a small fee; ours is $12 per year), start your own.

Thanks for peeking in on our party!

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Kate said...

super cute pictures!! Sorry I didn't make it over to chat w/ you! I'm lame like that sometimes! <3 Hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!