Dec 15, 2009

Christmas at our pad

Someday I'm going to have all vintage glass balls on the tree, like the ones Meg has...I haven't been estate saleing in a million years because Wilder would be into everything, but, someday I'll get hold of more ornaments! Unfortunately, I just broke my favorite gorgeous blue and sparkly striped was one of those sad Mommy days when you can't be mad that something has broken. You just broom it up and thank the Lord you're healthy.

Momma always gives us a Hallmark ornament, so, that's what's on our 8 ft. 1,000 light tree. There's so many lights the tree gives off heat!

Around the house:
Please keep praying for Julie.

Might I suggest this for a relaxing holiday read? Or this, as more of a challenge, and especially if you've seen the musical? Are you digging into books? I will be as long as I'm a mother to one.

Lastly, our plumber came to remedy the toilet (aka porcelain villain), and on his way out the door, he said "be blessed." Now doesn't that just knock your holey socks off? A little grandpa with an inspector gadget ring tone on his phone and white hairs sticking out of his nose, saying, "be blessed"?

Angels appear in varied forms. Yes they do.

I believe.


PamperingBeki said...

Your place looks beautiful, Mindy!

Michelle said...

Oh Mindy!! I wish I had known you wanted vintage glass balls!! There were lots of them at the flea market this past Sunday! (the monthly flea market at the Kansas Coliseum)