Jul 28, 2009

Summer party

Yay, we get invited to little kids' birthday parties now!

I couldn't stop photographing three year-old Diego, uh, I mean, "Mr. Conductor."
He and his family are astoundingly precious. Thanks for the invite, guys!


Amy said...

I was hoping to see a color picture of you so I could see your hair color. :) It looks cute in b&w too though. It was fun to hang with you for a while during the process.
What a cute three year old!!

Weza said...

This looks like a fantastic party. Having children opens up a whole new world of social events. Ha
Dont you just love how nearly all little boys (and my girlies) love Thomas.
What a cute 3year old conductor.
And yes your hair does look cute.

Mindy M. Harris said...

These hair comments are great--this photo is before you did my hair, though, Amy. I love it, BTW, and I'm sure a color photo will pop up in my vacation posts!

Bethany said...

So glad you guys were able to come! Looking for to Wilder's party!