Jul 23, 2009

There are two types of people in the world...

those who are Dunnings and those who wish they could be Dunnings!

I didn't say it. It's the family slogan. Or something.

We reunited in McPherson this year; I was in charge of planning it and am relieved to report it was a success. I hope my Dunning readers agree.

Oh, the Dunnings are my daddy's brothers/sister and their families. So, lots of blonde/blue eyed-motif going on.

There was chocolate, corn toss, play dough, photo-swapping, swimming, crafty things (my cousins all do something, whether it's purses, candles, blankies, photography...), and laughter.

Doesn't get any better than that!
I miss them already. These are my roots here, folks. Good, good people.


Kyle said...

Look at all those blondes! I'm jealous. Your photography is getting so good! I love looking at your pictures.

Anonymous said...

Mindy I love this Post!!!! We all did have a lot of fun, and your pictures are great!!! Thanks again for everything that you did!!!!
Lots of Love
Denise <3

Julie said...

Looks like it went really well. Great pictures (again!)! Glad you had a good time and that everything went as planned. :-)

Ryan and Erin said...

Love this post, Sister!!! Dunnings are the best!!!! :) Also note Ryan's form on the corn toss....hehe. He's champion bloodline..HA