May 8, 2010

37 weeks

We never seem to get a prego picture in natural lighting...this is probably driving my photog friends CRAZY. At least I'm aware of the issue.

And I bet second-timers aren't supposed to document their pregnancies as religiously as first-timers, but, let's face it, I need a distraction. I also wanted to see if you like my blueberry cami--it's pjs (with my trusted bolero over it).
Three more weeks to go.

I'm ready! Well, sort of. We still have 19 things left on the to-do list, but we're both feeling pretty burned out. We watched a movie last night rather than do chores. We lied around in our pjs this morning for an hour or so. Had a park picnic Friday night. Just want to take time to relax and not overdue it so I can be a champ at delivery.

Shawn is nesting. Yes, Shawn. He reorganized my jewelry box and did the great Sock Match-up of 2010. Thank you, Babe. It is quite romantic.
Other stuff:
~Baby is head-down. That's all I could ask for. They thought Wilder was breech and that really stressed me out. But so far, this baby is in the "go" position.
~Same discomforts as last week (esp. my back). Braxton Hicks starting to kinda hurt now.
~Still no boy name chosen...


Erin said...

OOOOO...i love the necklace!!! :) Wow, I can't believe we're only 3 weeks away...woah that went fast.

Kate said...

beautiful as always miss mindy!! I didn't take ANY belly pics w/ mason, but religiously did w/ logan! :) Maybe you won't need that boy name.......

Jenna said...

By the way, I've also realized we have virtually no natural light in our home. It is such a bummer for folks who want to have their cameras out ALL the time! Glad you're documenting this!