May 24, 2010

Happy today...because...(no, no baby yet)...

Howdy! I'm still here. Still pregnant. But wanted you to know I had a simply pleasant Monday. My lovely friend Laura came over and brought her daughter, A, along with a million beautiful plants/flowers to pot for my front porch.

Folks have been asking how they can help. I'm getting brave enough to say, "okay, this needs done." Wilder and A had a blast playing and at one point Wilder was naked, his scrawny, porcelain-colored (and
perfect) body running through the water hose...what joy that brought to my heart.

Girls, thank you for today!
I also got to get my hair done, last minute, and jaunted to Victoria's Secret afterward, for some stretchy tanks and pants, and some Love Spell! I haven't worn that scent/lotion since college and was missing it.
definitely should've taken the time for eyeliner; oh well, you see the real me!

And the cherry on top? Chocolate ice cream! With no cherry on top (don't like 'em).
Many thanks for your prayers and support as I waddle my way through these last few days (4 til my due date!) of pregnancy...hoping doctor wouldn't make us wait until 41 weeks to induce (but it's the same doctor I had with Wilder & that was her policy then...). And, yes, I'm ok with induction. Good ole uterus and I are getting tired from all the false labor contractions...


katieharris said...

THOSE CURLS!!! be still, my heart. :)

Good for you to relinquish control and let others help you, you deserve it. Hope these last few days go well, always thinking of you.

And love spell-- I haven't had that since college either, mmm!

Eric's Mommy said...

I always wore Endless Love.

Also Wilder's hair is so cute!

Michelle said...

Glad you are hanging in there! I've been worried and checking your blog daily!

Kate said...

eenie meanie is just waiting till the BEST birthdate ever...5/28 of course! :) Here's hoping that the next "tired" post will be because you are up w/ a newborn at night! HUGS!!