May 26, 2010

I'm in a robe!

...on the internet! And it's not a hospital picture...sorry.
At least I'm nice and covered.

I've been perusing the archives, mostly to look at Wilder's baby pictures...I do this SO OFTEN. But especially often since we are close to having another baby to cuddle.

I found this one from my Seattle business trip 4 years (?) ago. That hotel room coulda had a hide-a-bed (it didn't!) and I wouldn't have complained, because of the bathroom. My skin is pink in the picture because I'd just had a wonderfully scalding session in the glass/marble shower. Nice to wash off the airport filth.

I'm pretty sure later that night I took a bath and ordered $65 in room service...chicken alfredo, salad, and I seem to remember a chocolate cake...that was my one food splurge.

All to say that bathroom continues to feed my desire to have a nice one {bathroom} someday. Both Shawn and I can't fit in ours widthwise right now, because of my belly. So if he's fawning over his hair while I'm making a beeline to the loo, someone's gotta move. And that means Shawn of course.

On another note: special thanks to E for feeding W and I lunch today...


Weza said...

Now that is one bathroom memory to get you through life. I love a good bathroom. Thankfully we brought a house with the BEST shower ever. Although because we have been on water restrictions since forever there is no way i can stand in it for as long as I would want.

Jenna said...

Such a fantastic trip.I Can hardly believe it was so many years ago. What fun to stay in such a classy hotel!