May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Wilder, 4 days

We will read all kinds of inspirational things today.

We will surf blogs and cry at the gripping words and pictures; I will let those fill your heart and instead keep my words few.

Though the "job" is complicated and difficult to explain, mothering remains bound to this:

Our children are the best gift we have ever received. And we treat them as such.

They are also the greatest gift we will ever offer to the world.
And we treat them as such.

Happy Mother's Day.

(with a shout-out to the papas, our cheerleaders; weloveyou)


Jenna said...

So simply and well put.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mindy, Thank you so much for the very sweet and touching "Happpy Mother's Day" greeting!!!! And Baby Wilder was soooo beautiful at even 4 days old, "perfect in every way." Well, well, you just called me while I was posting this wonderful is that????? Thank you also for my wonderful fresh flowers; been smellin' them all weekend. I love you very much and all the "verys" in the world!!! Night, night. Love, Momma