May 11, 2010

My flower shop

So I don't really have a flower shop, but my home feels like one!

Here's some pretty pictures. I always shoot vertically...need to work on getting artistic horizontal shots. My wrist automatically goes vertical, though.

Flowers from Shawn and Wilder for Mother's Day. They are by
Beards Floral Design--unique, modern arrangements. LOVE! Thank you, my boys.
Peonies from my friend B's yard; they are one of my favorites and remind me of being a little girl. My parents had them in the yard of one of my favorite houses we lived in. Oh, the fragrance.
Thank you for blessing me with these, B. I am so sorry you are allergic to them but am glad that we are getting enjoyment from them.
And a single bud from B's yard, too!
B also spoiled Wilder and I with lunch--salad with grilled chicken and veggies on top, and homemade applesauce. Heaven!

1 comment:

Ashli said...

Love the flowers,
How exquisitely beautiful.
Thank you for my sweet message the other day. It meant so much.
Happy Momma's Day and ...
Happy (soon) Birthday!