Aug 15, 2010

God lives above the airplanes

In my micro world, there's the kitchen, the bedrooms.
Basement stoop.
Toys I trip on. Stub my toe.

Laundry strewn about.
Uh, is that clean or dirty?

Macaroni noodles under the table, a little bit sticky.
Nappies of poo and cloths of regurgitated milk

Prayers all day...Lord have him obey

Give us wisdom, happy hearts

There's the front porch with its bullying wasps

And the cracked driveway

The road to the park

The walk by the river

Geese and their still-soft droppings

The park and neighbors and vacation Bible school

In my micro world, I am small

Like a car

Not the way it is now

But the way you see it from an airplane

Moving along, like a wee ant
Moving to your favorite tune

Doing chores

Scurrying about
Building a home, life
A mountain

God lives above the airplanes

But I'm not small to Him

His hands hold all of me

He says, you're doing good, darling

Keep it up
You are big to me

You are planting seeds

What you do is important

I am glad in you

~mindy harris


Open Roads Mama said...

simply beautifu!

Breanna said...

AMAZING!!! You have such a God given talent for writing. I always enjoy reading your blog! :)

Weza said...

Incredible! I too love how you write. Truly talented!

Eric's Mommy said...

That is beautiful Mindy :)

Cottage Industrious said...

Sooo lovely! You have a beautiful mind and heart. What a gift you have for words!

Janine said...

You write the most beautiful poetry. Thank you.

Erin said...

Love this, the photo is precious too.