Aug 24, 2010

My house is a castle.

home renovations, circa 2007
I am contented.

How many of us can say that?

I am, oh, let's say, 39 feet from being there.
I have felt very convicted that much of what I invest my time and resources into has a direct benefit on self. I am selfishly walking along a path where there is so much need around. That needs to change.

I have everything I need. Really! I may not like my car but it gets us to where we need to go. We are clothed. Well fed (maybe too much). There's a treadmill downstairs; I don't need a gym membership. The children have comfortable beds, a roof over their heads.

Lately I've complained about the size of my house.
But, Lord, it's too small for hosting things. People will get cramped. It's just not nice enough. The bathroom linoleum is ugly. Yet I feel very called to have my house open to others...24/7 if the opportunity ever arose. I am quite compelled in the area of hospitality; I love serving in that way.

I was at a women's conference this weekend; wish you could have been there. It was just what I needed. A slap in the tush to stop whining. A woman shared about her WorldVision trip to Uganda...and the video footage crumbled my heart.
Showed me spiritual perspective of our belongings...our home, and that I've gotta obey with what God's given me.

So it is this: our house is a mansion. Our shower a spa retreat.

I came home with an African boy's picture. His card. His name.


It's a start.


TheHappyNeills said...

Yes, Lord, may we all say "My life is not my own!"

p.s. I LOVE your house and it's so great for hosting, especially with your hospitality!

Eric's Mommy said...

Are you in my head Mindy? haha

I am always complaining about things. Our house is too small, I don't like having neighbors so close, we can't really entertain because we don't have a dining room. I could go on and on, I never think of what I do have.

I needed this.

Bryan and Chelsey said...

I really should stop by sometime while I'm in Wichita .. It would be good to catch up!

The Boccias said...


Jenna said...

So glad you were able to get away to a retreat. We all need that every now and then.