Aug 25, 2010

Caution: not for the hungry!

It could have gotten ugly.
Very bad. Very ugly.
But it didn't. Phew. Close call.
I escaped the candy tour with only a small box of fudge, my daddy's favorite. And there's still some left!

Some members of MeetUp rendezvoused at this place, Cero's, which I learned is a nonprofit that provides job training for special needs adults.
Wilder wasn't all that into it but pudgy Mommy and pudgy Story were tickled pink.
Here's to sweetness all around!


Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

chocolate for a cause. is there anything better?

Weza said...

mmmmm yummo!

Michelle said...

I was just there last week to use a gift card! That's a yummy place! Also, our homeschool group did a tour there. They gave all the kids a free chocolate at the end but not the moms. Can you believe that??!

breitenbach8 said...

my post yesterday was pretty similar! it was good to see you 3! :)

Sarah said...

A candy tour sounds awesome.

Julie said...

You make me laugh. I have tasted Cero's chocolate but have never been to the store. Looks pretty amazing . . . save some of that fudge for me, okay? (just kidding!)

Love you!

Jenna said...

A candy visit looks like SUCH fun! I need to go to Nifty Nut House.