Aug 2, 2010

Night, or, rather, day, at the museum

WAM is free on Saturdays. I thought it'd be a great choice for a mommy/son date, so I took Wilder this weekend. Story hung out with Grandma while Daddy mowed (and weed-whacked and swept! If our grass wasn't dry from the heat, it would've looked perfect).

I've been to WAM a few times and knew the Living Room was specifically designed for child's play. So we went their first.

We saw a bunch of cool Andy Warhol stuff:

Then we played on a glass platform that has lots of pretty glass sculptures underneath it:
I would show you the picture of my and Wilder's bare feet on the glass but my feet are really ugly.
On to see more glass...the hanging piece, my favorite part of the museum:

And we skipped my second favorite part, the store, because I knew there'd be breakable stuff Wilder would be desperate to touch. Plus I left my wallet in the car...a smart idea, really.
There were little sketchbooks throughout the museum, on little tables. I liked this sketch:
If you're in the area on a Saturday, wander into the museum. It wasn't stressful taking Wilder...the children's area entertained him for about 45 minutes (coloring pages, magnets, dress up, stacking boxes...). And the museum is so open, most things off the ground, that one doesn't have to worry (too much) about kids climbing/breaking things. Plus, it's an air-conditioned, free activity!

Looking forward to the next date with my beautiful boy.

He's two on the 19th. How'd that happen?


Julie said...

I think it is really special that you had a date with Wilder. I haven't done that with Ori yet. You are a wonderful mommy.

Love your necklace in the last picture. Fun to see it on!

Eric's Mommy said...

Looks like a fun place!

I love having dates with my boy, he likes it too :)

Love Wilder's curls, adorable.

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i started doing dates with my son once my daughter was born and it's such fun. it's so nice to just focus on each other and go someplace special.

that museum looks really great!

The Moffats said...

that museum looks awesome! great pics!

Michelle said...

I'm going to take the boys one Saturday soon to check it out! We always do some fun activity on Saturdays, so it works out perfect that it's free then!

Jenna said...

what a wonderful activity for you guys! Reminds me of all those trips I took in the KHF days....