Aug 20, 2010

Story's three month update

First of all, Happy Friday! Wheeeee!!!
This week it's all about my babies! Heck, every week is, gladly. We've missed out on Daddy's help from Tuesday through now as he had an out of town trip. BOTH kids had their well-child check-ups, which included shots. Yuck. It was most sad not having Daddy here for Wilder's birthday.

In other news, Story Elena, StoryGirl, Princess, Angel of love, Beauty (you get the drift), turns three months today. Here's a picture of me (not sure how old) so you can do a comparison:
Here's Wilder at around the same age:
Story, at three months, you:
~are a hoot; you truly are so funny--your mannerisms and personality are goofy
~nurse every three hours during the day
~go to bed at 9:30pm then up anytime between 5 and 7am to nurse (thank you, Girl)
~like to sit in the swing and watch us eat as a family
~jabber and coo
~love watching your big brother
~prefer to stand and look mommy in the face rather than be cuddled
~talk the best to Daddy...or your BFF Calla
~travel fairly well; we go, go, go alot so you're getting used to the carseat
~weigh 13 lbs, the 80th percentile, and are 22.5 inches long, the 28th percentile

I love you, Baby Girl! You are sooooo awesome!


Eric's Mommy said...

I cannot believe how much you looked like Story when you were a baby. WOW

Julie said...

Story does look like you as a baby! How fun. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, those beautiful pictures of her. Fun chair and pillows. What a sweet girl!