Aug 18, 2010

Brown paper packages tied up with string

...these are a few of my favorite things! Because when I find something good, I just gotta share it!
Sublime Bronze One Day self-tanner:

I like it because it just lasts a day; perfect because I don't have time for the daily, gradual tanners. It seems like every time I shave, the gradual tanners wear off. With this, I can be tan for a date, a knee-length dress, girls night out, whatever. The gel is tinted so one can see exactly where it's going. I have no streaks, either! Side note: I have been fake-bake free since 2006! This is a big deal for me as I'd been known to go 4-5 times per week. Baaaad.

I got my first Scentsy plug-in. I always thought the Glade plug-ins were nice but not very kindof strong smelling. My favorite Scentsy fragrance is Cucumber Lime. It is heaven! Click here to check it out. Wish the website was scratch-n-sniff.
Want me to let my local readers know when I'm hosting a Scentsy party in September? It'd be a good way to meet you! And my rule is to host only one self-business party per year. All those home-based businesses are awesome and I love supporting my friends. But I limit it to one party per year so others don't feel overly solicited.

Next, I'll brag about this dual-purpose product by Aquage: their hydrating mist. I call it dual-purpose because both Wilder and I use it as a detangler. It smells good and makes the comb easy to run through mine, and my fingers to run through Wilder's (his hair is getting long). If you use it your hair will look like this, supposedly:
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Land's End. Gone are my bikini days. And that's okay because Land's End offers cute "mommy" swimsuits. I got a skirt/flowered tankini this time. I never thought I'd sport a dorky skirt...but you really don't want to see my thighs. Just trust me.

Aside from the suit being a favorite/perfect fit (which seemed impossible given that I ordered it online), Land's End's customer service was top-notch. I had a chat session with a representative who helped find the suit best for my body shape, etc. And about a week after my order arrived (it only took two days), I received a phone call from them asking if I was happy with the product..and to thank me for ordering. Those extra touches mean I'll be back again!

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What's rocked your world lately? Besides your husband/boyfriend...? Hehe.


Weza said...

I want some of that scents plug in thing... I may have to see if they sell it is Australia. It looks devine!
Thanks for the congrats on our page. We are seriously stoked! A boy is exactly what we wanted. :)

Eric's Mommy said...

Oh how I wish I lived closer. I would love to come to your Scentsy party!

I don't wear a bathing suit very often but I think I am going to look into Land's End for my next one.

Michelle said...

I love when girls share their good finds! Thanks!

Tami said...

This post was so much fun!
I found a super nice bathing suit online last year but didn't get it at the time because it was like $89.00. I needed a swim suit in August of last year and found the exact same swimming suit on clearance for $12.00. They only had one and it was exactly my size. I was stoked and glad I still fit in it this year! Next year it should be too small, but I will be sad :-(

I'd love love love to come to your scentsy party. Those plug ins are right up my alley!!! I'm a sucker for candles and such. Right now my favorite candle is Seaside Escape from White Barn. I get all gooey when I smell it. Have it burning right now infact :-)

breitenbach8 said...

I love hearing about other peoples favorite things! I'll have to try the self tanner for my Vegas trip when I'm supposed to get in a 2 piece. (still not sure if that's going to happen!) I've never tried or smelt Scentsy stuff. What excellent customer service by Land's End. But I'm pretty sure you don't need the skirt/mommy suit!