Apr 12, 2008

Tribute to Billy

OVER a year ago, we adopted Marley from the Mid-America Boston Terrier Rescue (MABTR) organization. Marley has been a delight in our lives ever since. MABTR is run solely by volunteers who provide transportation, foster care, and, eventually, forever homes for Bostons and Boston mixes in several mid-western states. We are proud we chose not to buy from a pet store as oftentimes pet stores obtain their animals from puppy mills.

When we got the call to help transport a Boston mix from Blackwell, OK, to Omaha, NE, we jumped at the chance. We were to be in charge of getting Billy from Wichita to Emporia today, just one of the transportation legs that would get him to foster care. We met up with Julie at the meeting place to pick him up last night. We were excited to take Billy and Marley on a walk--show both of the doggies off to the neighbors, then cozy up for the night. However, we could sense right away that Billy would not be up to a walk, or much of anything.

Billy arrived at our house around 5:30pm and passed away at around 8:30pm. We had no idea that he would be in the state that he was, health-wise. We are so happy Billy was with us the few hours before his death--in a warm home on cozy sheets in our living room.

Today we learned that Billy's elderly owner passed away recently. Billy's extended family didn't want him, and felt he was dying of a broken heart, as he wouldn't eat. I think losing his mom, partnered with a slew of routine vaccinations administered right after the other, robbed Billy of any life or strength he had left. How thankful we are he is at peace now.

While we would never expect anyone to understand or mirror our love for animals, we do thank you for listening to Billy's story. Human life is the most precious of all, but life of all kinds makes our days ones to be treasured and relished.

Click here if you would like to learn more about the Mid-American Boston Terrier Rescue Organization.

Rest in peace, little Billy.


Ashli said...

So heartbreaking.
I know that this had to be hard on you, but it was a beautiful even inspirational piece that you wrote.
I have introduced becca to your page and my momma...
I am sure that they will both keep tabs soon too...

Doria said...

This is great info to know.