Aug 29, 2007

House Projects

We've lived in our new house since January and have many a house project left to accomplish. Current project: painting our bedroom.

The walls had several layers of wallpaper that we removed several months ago. So we've been living in a room with bare walls covered in spackle.

That's Marley, our Boston, taking a nap. Notice we've come as far as getting the walls primed. Shawn plans to paint the ceiling tonight, then it's off to Home Depot for paint colors!

Oh, and in case you were wondering what the outside of our house looks like, here ya go:

1 comment:

Ashli said...

I can't wait! to come crash your pad and check out all the little improvements and the new little addition...
I am still most def planning to make a little jaunt out there...
We'll chat soon to arrange a date! I can't wait to hold that sweet little thing!
I was in Manhattan yesterday, and they had the most precious place for kids hair cuts. It had little wooden firetruck seats, and other things. I wanted to hang out for awhile and take some photos...
Drake on the other hand, wasn't nearly as stoked.
I took a picture through the window and it didn't work.
ON a random note: I am so hungry right now I could eat my left arm, but I am resisting temptation to
mwah, love