Nov 18, 2007

Bienvenito a Miami

Ah, the joy of all-expense paid trips!
I was given the opportunity to travel to South Beach, Miami, Florida, for a business trip last week. Shawn was unable to attend due to work obligations, so I made the trek to the lower east coast all by myself (coworkers attended, but we traveled separately)!! I LOVE seeing new places and people, and Miami was definitely an eye-opener! I attended sessions to improve my skills in utilizing our grant-making database, but also had time for the beach, shopping, and visiting friends in West Palm Beach. I was grateful for the time away and the seemingly royal commodities (um, you don't need to turn back my bedsheets, but thank you for asking, and thanks for the mints & flower?), but was very delighted to be back home with "my boys", Shawn and Marley. It's a different feeling in Miami--not the wholesome goodness I'm proud to know in Kansas.
Public beach behind the hotel

Poolside at Loews Miami Beach Hotel

At the client appreciation party

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