Jan 29, 2008

Final Fridays

WE'RE lucky to have the "Final Friday Gallery Walk" in Wichita the last Friday evening of every month. Local art galleries open for evening hours and provide complimentary wine/hors de vours. Most of them are in close enough proximity that one can walk from gallery to gallery, but those farther from downtown are accessible using the inexpensive trolley system. Shawn and I are usually out of town/busy during the event, but were delighted to participate this weekend. Since we were out with a few friends (and you know how that goes rounding everyone up), we made it to just two of the galleries, but had time at the end of the night to sample gelato at Cafe Moderne. New thing I learned: I LOVE gelato!

We also started working on sprucing up the basement for our enjoyment during the warm summer months. We are not sure if we'll paint the cinder-block walls or leave them rustic, but we will definitely put down a large piece of remnant carpet and move the futon/old TV/Shawn's office down there. I'm most excited about our new treadmill. Shawn set it up in the basement on Sunday, which has enabled me to walk a mile a day ever since (ok, I know it's only Tuesday)!

Catcha later!

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Ashli said...

We have the same kind of thing here on Thursday evenings. It's awesome! We'll go some time when you come for a visit... :)