Jan 10, 2008

He Sustained Only Minor Injuries

OK, so the picture above is of my wonderful Aunt Tam, me, and a yawning Marley. Aunt Tam was in town from Wisconsin, and we got to host her for an overnight stay. We showed her our workplaces, dined out, talked alot, and played with Marley. It was a HUGE treat to have her in town!

AND, the pictures below are of Shawn's recent adventure trapsing around the attic. We are working on installing a ceiling fan in our bedroom. Shawn wanted to check that the old anchor would hold a new, heavier fan, so he went to the attic to investigate. On his way back to the attic entry, he fell through the ceiling (right above the stairwell to the basement)!! He was hanging out of the hole like Chevy Chase on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! Fortunately, he wasn't hurt badly, but now we have a new problem/project!

1 comment:

Cyrus and Hilary said...

Shawn, I'm glad you survived the fall, Chevy Chase style!