Jun 16, 2008

Never too Old to Color

MY friend Amanda gave me a belated Birthday gift--a Barbie princess coloring book and a box of 96 crayons (with sharpener)! Now before you judge my general level of maturity, let's discuss the benefits of such a gift:
I'm forcing myself to RELAX and enjoy personal time before the arrival of our son. Coloring is a nice, relaxing activity. There's also an end result I can be proud of.
And, secondly, I'm gearing up for a many a color session with our son, except the objects of our artistry will not be that of princesses and ponies, but of superheros and frontloaders.

I rest my case.


Harold and Kathy said...

So true Mindy! Coloring is a very relaxing activity and I can see that you are very good at staying inside the lines - way to go! You are going to make such an awesome MOMMY to my grandson!

Ashli said...

Oh honey, you were ALWAYS the best, best, best at coloring!

And there is nothing like a fresh, giant box of never before been touched colors with crazy names....I still remember your favorite one, even if I can't spell it...(something to the effect of cerallean blue)
Oh the smell...mmm....remember going to the crayon factory with the gigantic vats of wax, and then going to the candy factory. Ah the joy!
Good for you; lovely pictures by the way!! :)
You will have so much fun coloring with lil peanut...
Do you think that he will love brand new boxes of colors, and the smell off new books like we did/do?

Angela said...

From the perspective of a kindergarten teacher you would definitely get big stickers at the tops of your coloring pages!

And I agree with Ashli about the smell of crayons...amazing! I loved that field trip to the Crayola factory and the candy factory!

Jenna said...

You are too cute. I love this hobby and think it is a great outlet for you.

Paula Yaussi said...

I LOVE to color!