Jun 10, 2008

Projects! It's a "nesting" thing, right?

I'M unsure as to when the nesting phase of pregnancy typically commences, but this weekend really felt like "go-time" in that department. I started on closets and drawers--purging right and left, refolding towels in the linen closet; reorganizing things--all the while being bewildered/disgusted by my hoarding tendencies. It felt good to bid the junk "bon voyage!" Also, we finished painting the guest bedroom this weekend, although I won't have "after" pictures for awhile, as we still need to hang curtains and organize furniture.

Then, for the best news of all, last night I discovered some untapped energy (it's got to be hormonal, because I had gone grocery shopping during the 5pm rush, and made brownies) and started on the nursery walls! I may have only gotten a small section of paper removed, but, it's a start! And I just know someone's going to tell me standing on that ladder is a "no-no"!


Julie said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you got to start on your nursery--I can't wait to see it. The vision you have for it is really fun! How are you taking down your wallpaper? That's my job for next week. :-)

Chelsey said...

Can't wait to see the "end" result! :)

Jenna said...

You be careful on that ladder mommy!