Jun 3, 2008

Time in Chanute

WE went to Chanute for Hil and Cyrus' wedding this weekend. The wedding was so beautiful and we were glad to be there to congratulate the couple. It was a blessing to have some quality time with my sisters, whom I won't see for another 8 weeks (!).

Needless to say, the weekend wore me out and I had to go to the hospital for 1/2 day today--had some cramping that seemed abnormal, but everything is ok. I'm supposed to go get one of those belly supporters...and, if you find me saying "no" to things, please don't have hurt feelings! Time to take it easy (kinda hard in the summertime) and just focus on getting to work every day.

Posing prior to running errands
Max & Elmo!
Meg's pretty dyed shoes
Pat the tummy...
Kick up yo heels!
With the beautiful bride!
A & B

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mommyjoymarie said...

Take it easy while you can!